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Food & Water Watch is a tireless champion in the fight to preserve our right to the untainted fruits of the earth. Their leadership in putting people above corporate profits is invaluable.
Dave Mazza

Learn About Monthly Giving

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Making a regular monthly contribution to Food & Water Watch is one of the easiest, most important ways that you can partner with us. By becoming a Food & Water Partner, you’ll provide us with essential support in our work to ban fracking, to oppose genetically engineered foods, to keep water resources in the hands of communities rather than private companies, to provide a better alternative to factory farms, to hold our regulatory agencies and elected officials accountable, and much more.

When you become a Food & Water Partner, you truly become a valued partner in our vital work. Your regular, ongoing support allows us to keep our fundraising costs low so that more resources go to our program work protecting food and water. It also allows you to make contributions that fit your monthly budget while making a big impact on the issues that we all care about.

When we combine the voices of millions of people who share our vision, we have the power to take on the deepest pockets and win the toughest fights. We know this because we’ve already won important victories to protect the things we can’t live without: our food and our water.   

Become a Partner with Food & Water Watch today with a regular, monthly gift of just $10 or more. Help Food & Water Watch sustain our fight for clean water, healthy food, and a democracy that works for us all.


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What is a Food & Water Partner?

A Food & Water Partner is donor who pledges to make a recurring gift to Food & Water Watch, either by credit card, electronic funds transfer, or check.

What do you consider to be a recurring gift?

Any pledge of a monthly donation made by credit card, check or EFT. If you prefer to do larger amounts fewer times a year, we also have a quarterly option as well.

Why should I become a Food & Water Partner?

We hope that you will become a Partner because you in our mission of healthy food and clean water available to us all, and see Food & Water Watch as the most effective group working to make that happen. As a Partner, you will be a vital part of our campaigns to stop fracking, ensure your right to know what is in your food, stop the misuse of antibiotics on factory farms that is a driver in the development of drug resistant diseases.

Monthly giving is the most cost-efficient way to deliver your steady support to power our movement to protect your family’s food and water. We hope it works for you too, in allowing you to make contributions that fit into your regular budget while making a big impact on the issues we all care about.

I’m still not convinced. Can you give me another reason?

By making a monthly contribution and being a partner in our work, you allow us to plan confidently for future campaigns AND to change quickly to respond to events as they occur. For example, when the EPA dropped its investigation into the connection between fracking and contaminated groundwater in Texas, Food & Water Watch was able to react swiftly and organize a coalition of over 200 groups to call for the reopening of the investigation — thanks in large part to the funds donated to us by our many Food & Water Partners.

What do I get for being a Food & Water Partner?

Monthly giving is the most cost-efficient way to deliver your steady support to power our movement to protect your family’s food and water. We hope it works for you too, in allowing you to make contributions that fit into your regular budget while making a big impact on the issues we all care about.

Anything else I get for being a Food & Water Partner?

As one of our valued partners, you’ll be on the inside track and receive regular special updates about our work. And as a regular contributor, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping to make a difference in a cause we all care about deeply. You will also receive less paper mail (our special updates can be sent via email) and may be invited to special events in your area.

Can I quit at any time?

While we hope that you’ll remain a Partner with us for many years, you can easily quit at any time. You can call Alex Patton, the manager of our Food & Water Partner program directly at 202-683-2535, or email him at [email protected] and he will be happy to assist you.

What if I need to withhold a payment, but do not wish to stop being a Food & Water Partner?

We know that people’s financial situations can change quickly, so please let us know and we can easily put your account on hold for as long as you need. Again, simply contact Alex Patton at 202-683-2535 or [email protected] and he can quickly set up your account to skip a charge (or several charges).

How do I change my payment method or the amount I contribute?

You can send us your new credit card or bank information at 1616 P Street, NW, Suite 300, c/o Development, or contact Alex Patton at 202-683-2535 or [email protected].

Alternatively, you can simply start a new monthly donation. Then just send Alex a quick email to let him know that he should cancel your old recurring gift.

How will I know how much of my contributions I can declare when I file my taxes?

All of your Food & Water Partner donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law, and we will send you a letter in early February that will you’re your total contributions to Food & Water Watch for the previous year. You can also request that information at any time and we will be happy to provide it to you.

I don’t like getting a lot of paper in the mail — will becoming a Food & Water Partner mean I get a ton of stuff in the mail?

We offer the option of receiving all Food & Water Partner updates via email, and we’ll never send you “snail mail” if you don’t want it.

How does my small monthly donation make a difference?

Your support makes all of our work possible. For example, getting the word out about fracking and labeling GMOs is an essential part of our campaigns. Our “Ban Fracking Now” buttons are a great way for people to spread awareness about an extremely important issue in a way that prompts conversations with friends and family. These kinds of conversations and the increasing on-the-ground visibility of our movement, and not a multi-million dollar advertising campaign, is how we are going to get the changes we need to protect our food and water.

  • Your monthly gift of just $10 would allow us to purchase 500 Ban Fracking buttons or pay for a rally participant’s bus ride.
  • And for a $20 a month contribution, you could help us buy approximately 533 “Label GMOs Now” rally signs. 

Buttons and rally signs might not seem glamorous, but they are a simple yet powerful way to increase visibility and get the message out about these critical issues.

One of the biggest challenges we face is the massive amount of money spent by the agriculture and oil and gas industries to promote their agendas. In order to counter assertions such as fracking creates jobs and energy independence, or that GMOs are perfectly safe and shouldn’t require labeling, we produce factual, carefully researched reports, which we share with policymakers and the media. It is essential that a perspective other than Big Industry’s be considered, and our research reports help provide such a perspective.

  • If you give $50 a month, your donation enables us to print and distribute nearly 34 of our ground-breaking reports to government officials, media outlets, or grassroots allies – or more than 400 reports in a year. 

Another important way to make our voices heard is by organizing and leading rallies where decision-makers will see and hear us. For example, in 2013, Food & Water Watch and our allies in New Yorkers Against Fracking organized a massive, 2000 person rally outside the New York governor’s state of the state address in Albany. As legislators walked into the auditorium where the speech was held, they passed a quarter mile stretch of the concourse filled with activists demanding a ban on fracking in New York. The constant refrain of “Ban fracking now” filled the concourse for hours.

  • In order for such a rally to be successful, we have to have a great turnout- but not every person who’s willing to travel to a rally has the means to do so. Your contribution of $100 a month could provide bus seats for 60 people, greatly increasing the turnout at the next crucial rally we organize! 

Of course, these are just examples of how your financial support as a regular Partner can make a huge difference. We encourage you to explore our website for more information about all of the critical work to protect our food and water made possible. Please join us and become a Food & Water Partner.