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Triclosan (Endocrine Disruptor)

Victory! Johnson & Johnson is phasing out triclosan from its line of consumer products, thanks to consumer pressure. Read more here.

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  • Story of Cosmetics

    Learn more about the toxic chemicals that may be in your personal care products. Watch The Story of Cosmetics.

    Triclosan is an antimicrobial pesticide used in thousands of products you use regularly like, toothpaste, hand soap, face wash, body lotion, and cosmetics.
  • Triclosan has been linked to antibiotic resistance, a major public health crisis. The American Medical Association has warned that “it may be prudent to avoid the use of antimicrobial agents in consumer products.”
  • Like Bisphenol-A (BPA), triclosan is a hormone disruptor that has been shown to alter male and female sex hormones in animal studies, which could lead to problems like early onset puberty, reduced fertility and cancer.
  • The Centers for Disease Control estimates that 75% of the US population has triclosan in their bodies. Triclosan has been found in human urine, blood, breast milk and umbilical cord blood. 
  • Triclosan also accumulates in the environment, contaminating surface and ground water. It also survives the wastewater treatment process and persists in sludge that is dumped on agricultural crops.

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