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Support a National Ban on Fracking

Fracking threatens our essential resources. From the excessive use of our fresh water to toxic chemical-laden waste water that we can't dispose of, fracking for natural gas unnecessarily endangers our health and future. We need to ban fracking now!

Food & Water Watch, null
President Obama and U.S. Congress:
Please support a national ban on fracking.
I urge you to protect our drinking water by implementing a federal ban on hydraulic fracturing, or natural gas fracking.
The toxic results of using hydraulic fracturing to extract natural gas have led to the contamination of drinking water, cattle being quarantined, and dangerous explosions in states across the country, among other issues. In order to protect our essential water resources, we need a national ban on fracking.
I urge you to protect your constituents by calling for a national ban on hydraulic fracturing.

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