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Tell Governor Cuomo: Ban Fracking in New York!

Fracking threatens our essential resources. From the excessive use of our fresh water to toxic chemical-laden waste water that it produces, fracking for natural gas unnecessarily endangers our health and future. We need to ban fracking now!

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New York Governor Cuomo:
The road to the White House is not lined with drilling rigs!
I want you to know I'm watching what you're doing on fracking in New York. Fracking is inherently unsafe and poses a direct threat to communities across the country. Hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking," is a highly dangerous method of drilling for natural gas that threatens our drinking water, health, communities and environment. It involves the injection of water, chemicals and sand underground, with documented risks including contaminated groundwater, wastewater that contains radioactive elements, and gas seeping into homes.
Please do not allow fracking in New York, and instead help support the national movement to get away from dirty fuels and toward a renewable energy future.

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