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When I scan my Inbox each day, I single out emails from Food & Water Watch because they keep me up-to-date on back-room shenanigans that affect relevant issues that are of concern to me... like the food I buy in the grocery store! And when they ask me to do something, I do it.
Paul Keleher

Fracking Action Center

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U.S. Energy Insecurity: Why Fracking for Oil and Natural Gas Is a False Solution

In this report, Food & Water Watch exposes the misconceptions, falsehoods and misleading statements behind the claims that modern drilling and fracking for oil and natural gas can deliver U.S. energy security. 

Why Ban Fracking? Hazards to Drinking Water Aren’t The Only Reasons

Residents near fracking sites report bubbling and hissing water coming from their faucets. Our new report explains why fracking threatens to be the next global water crisis.  And in another recent report, we expose false industry claims of significant job creation with fracking. Learn more about the dangers of fracking and why it must be banned.

Stop Fracking in Your Community

Fracking mad, communities across the country are rising up against it. Check out what you can do locally.

Your Efforts to Grow the Movement are WORKING

We’re tracking fracking and the efforts to ban it. Find out about resolutions to ban fracking in your area. Thanks to activists like you, there’s no stopping this movement. Get an activist toolkit to help make your effort a success!

Californians Fighting to Ban Fracking

Oil and gas fracking threatens California’s precious water, air, land and public health. Already, more than 50,000 Californians have asked for a ban. Our issue brief explains why the only way to protect Californian’s health and environment is to ban fracking. Join Californians in telling their governor and legislators to ban fracking now!

Ban Fracking in NY!

We’ve got so much going on in New York’s campaign to Ban Fracking Now for you to be involved with. Take action and tell Governor Cuomo you don’t want fracking in New York! Every bit of outreach we all do helps to grow the movement to Ban Fracking Now!