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Do you know . . .

. . . where your food and water comes from?

. . . what chemicals or bacteria it’s contaminated with?

. . . if it’s safe for your family?

Here are some tools to help you make the best and healthiest choices for you and your family.

How to Choose a Water Filter

man drinking waterFiltering water at home is cheaper and safer than depending on bottled water. Choosing a water filter can seem like a daunting process, but it does not have to be. Read more.

Free Your Event From Bottled Water

Instead of buying into the myth of purity in a bottle and littering the landscape with empty water bottles, use this guide to free your event from bottled water. Get the guide.

What You Can Do About Triclosan

Who knew that washing your hands could harm your health and the environment? Learn more.

Milk  cartonsThe Milk Tip

Being an informed consumer isn’t easy these days. But don’t worry- we did the research on this one! Use this quick guide to make informed decisions when buying milk and other dairy products for your family. Check out our rBGH-free guide.

Meat & Dairy: Decoding Food Labels

From “free-range” to “natural” to “organic,” the food industry has responded to growing consumer concern about the safety of our food with a growing number of claims about their products. Read more.

Smart Seafood Guide

We hope that you take the environmental impacts, socio-economic issues and health implications into consideration when choosing seafood. Get recommendations.

shrimp with limesShrimp Eco-Labels

Increasingly conscious consumers are now demanding more sustainably produced shrimp. Unfortunately, the multitude and variety of labels can be confusing, leaving us to wonder about each label‚ meaning and credibility. Read more.