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Food & Water Watch is a tireless champion in the fight to preserve our right to the untainted fruits of the earth. Their leadership in putting people above corporate profits is invaluable.
Dave Mazza

Take Action


CNV_FoodLabelKidsMonsanto, Nestlé, Dow and Pepsi’s industry group, the Grocery Manufacturers Association, is trying to pass a bill that would effectively take away labels for genetically engineered foods, or GMOs. We have a right to know what is in our food so that we can make educated decisions about the food we eat. Tell your legislators that their constituents are watching and demand mandatory labels for GMOs.





Protect Our Public Lands from Fracking


Representative Mark Pocan (WI-2) recently introduced a bill to ban fracking on all public lands — the strongest piece of federal legislation against fracking to date. Our U.S. parks and national forests are irreplaceable. Not only do they provide beautiful recreational areas and essential wildlife habitat, they also protect critical drinking water sources. Please sign the petition asking your Representative to support a ban on fracking on public lands.


Keep Chicken from China Out of School Lunches

chicken_take_actionTHUMBThe U.S. Department of Agriculture recently announced that China has been approved to export processed poultry to the United States. China’s food safety system has been wrought with scandals and cases of unsafe food production for years. Congress should help keep our food safe by prohibiting the USDA from purchasing Chinese poultry for federal nutrition programs, including the school lunch program. Take action to make sure that these products do not end up in school lunches.