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I long ago stopped believing that most corporations and politicians had the good of the public in mind. We need independent groups like Food & Water Watch to raise awareness and advocate for ethical, environmentally positive laws.
Elise Zuidema

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SmokestacksIndustryPollutionUnder a new EPA proposal, power plants would have to reduce their carbon emissions. One way the electricity companies would be allowed to do this is by switching from coal-fired plants to gas-fired plants. The EPA still considers gas a cleaner fuel than coal, because they don’t count the full life of fracked gas. But we know that fracked gas can be as bad for the climate as coal.

Take action to urge the EPA to rework the proposed rule and to actually reduce our carbon emissions.





Save Our Parks from Fracking

1408_ActionPage_400x300_PubLandsSeqKCOur U.S. parks and public lands are true national treasures, but this land is under threat from fracking. Fracking is inherently unsafe, and we cannot rely on regulation to protect the water we drink, the air we breathe and the health of our communities. Ask your Senators and Representative to introduce a bill to ban fracking on public lands.




Congress: End the Overuse of Antibiotics on Factory Farms


It’s become a common practice on factory farms to feed livestock regular, low doses of antibiotics even when they’re not sick, in part because their living conditions are so horrifyingly unhealthy. The problem is that some bacteria survive these low doses, and over time, they become resistant to antibiotics…even the antibiotics that we use to treat diseases in humans.

These antibiotic-resistant “superbugs” pose a serious threat to human health. You can help stop them by telling Congress to put an end to using medically important antibiotics on healthy livestock.


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