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Victory! Farm Bureau case challenging EPA’s right to share factory farm data dismissed. more wins »

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I support Food & Water Watch simply because I have a family and want them to be healthy, happy and do not want anyone to take advantage of them.

Cassandra Nguyen


Bottled Water: Drink to Your Health

Find out why tap water is better for your health, your wallet, the environment.


Today, we are in a worldwide struggle for control of our food and water. Find out how Food & Water Watch is working to protect our world’s resources.

Ban Fracking Now!

Learn about the dangerous practice of natural gas fracking and why it must be banned.

Take Back the Tap

We’re working to Take Back the Tap — by protecting your access to clean, safe tap water and by spreading the word on why tap water is the right choice over bottled.


Wenonah Hauter’s new book, Foodopoly: The Battle Over the Future of Food and Farming in America, examines the corporate consolidation and control over our food system, what it means for farmers and consumers and how it can be fixed. Publisher’s Weekly calls it “…a meticulously researched tour de force…”

The Case Against Perdue

Two years ago environmentalists represented by an attorney now with Food & Water Watch brought a Clean Water Act case against Perdue and one of its contract poultry operations for polluting waterways that empty out into the threatened Chesapeake Bay.

Factory Farm Map

People in rural America have known for a long time that family farms are being replaced by factory farms, and these facilities are overwhelming some regions of the country. Find out how your state or county ranks for the density of factory-farmed animals.

Stop GE Salmon

Stop engineered salmon from coming to a plate near you.

Fair Farm Bill

The Farm Bill is up for reauthorization in 2012, and if we implement certain changes, we can fix our broken food system and create one that’s healthy for everyone.

Spill the Truth

In May 2010, Food & Water Watch launched its Spill the Truth campaign to prevent another oil spill in the Gulf by calling on BP to shut down its Atlantis oil rig — a sub-sea operation without required engineer-certified documents.

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