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Food & Water Watch is a tireless champion in the fight to preserve our right to the untainted fruits of the earth. Their leadership in putting people above corporate profits is invaluable.
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November 5, 2009
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Ohio Elections Commission Pursues Frivolous Case Against Consumer Group

Today, the Ohio Elections Commission acted to deny Food & Water Watch’s constitutional right of free speech to discuss the connection between confined animal feeding operations (CAFO) and swine flu. The Commission‚ panel decided to allow the Ohioans for Livestock Care (OLC) PAC, a front group for the industrialized livestock industry, to pursue its claim that radio ads about Issue 2 may have contained a false statement.

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Proposed Carlsbad Desalination Project to Cost Up To Three Times More Than Claimed

Water produced at Poseidon Resources proposed desalination facility in Carlsbad, Calif. could cost up to three times more than previously claimed by the company, according to an independent expert analysis released today by Food & Water Watch, a consumer advocacy group. This finding comes as the Metropolitan Water District is poised to decide whether to grant Poseidon $350 million in subsidies for their proposed $534 million, 50 MGD desalination facility in Carlsbad.

November 4, 2009
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Issue 2 Passes: Agribusiness Rewrites Ohio's Constitution

Washington, D.C. — The Farm Bureau-sponsored campaign to change Ohio‚ constitution and give industrialized agriculture control over livestock issues succeeded with the passage of ballot Issue 2. Consumers, small family farmers and the neighbors of large, industrialized animal operations are the losers.”

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Milwaukee Water System Lease Could Cost Community Millions Per Year

Leasing the Milwaukee Water Works to a private company for 99 years could cost the Milwaukee community a total of $17 million to $31 million a year, finds a new report released today by the national consumer advocacy group Food & Water Watch. Entitled Mortgaging Milwaukee’s Future: Why Leasing the Water System is a Bad Deal for Consumers, the report reveals that for every dollar the city receives from an endowment from the lease of the Water Works, consumers could have to pay as much as $5.40 in water bills.

November 2, 2009
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Issue 2 PAC Tries to Distract Ohio Voters By Stifling Ads

Washington, D.C. — “As the campaign over Issue 2, a proposal to create the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board, comes down to the wire, the livestock industry is trying one last trick to squelch the debate. Recently, Food & Water Watch placed radio ads throughout Ohio to warn Ohio voters that Issue 2 would create a board that is dominated by factory farms. The Ohioans for Livestock Care PAC pressured the media to pull our message off the air by contacting Clear Channel Communications, Inc., owner of the radio stations currently set to run our ads. Now, they have filed a complaint with the Ohio Elections Commission alleging that the ads contain “false statements” about how Issue 2 would put the livestock industry in charge of writing its own rules, and that factory farms put the public at risk for diseases like E. coli and swine flu.

October 30, 2009
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Poseidon Resources Ups Carlsbad Desal Cost to $550 Million: Asks State for Additional Subsidy for Proposed Project

This week, Poseidon Resources, which is seeking a tax-free bond from the state to pay for its proposed Carlsbad desalination plant, increased its request by $70 million to $550 million. This change comes just weeks before the request goes before the three-member committee that will decide if a taxpayer subsidized bond will be approved. Poseidon has not provided any explanation on what caused the plant’s estimated cost to rise.

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Retired Indiana Teacher Wows Judges with Recession-Friendly Fish Recipe

Food & Water Watch, a national consumer advocacy organization, today announced Gloria Piantek of West Lafayette, Indiana as the grand-prize winner of its Frugal Fish contest. An innovative recipe competition, the challenge combined creative cooking with health and sustainability components and a low budget. Piantek, a retired teacher, took the prize with her Spicy BBQ Tilapia with Herb-Roasted Potatoes and Southern Creamy Cole Slaw, which she originally put on a home-baked bun as a spin on a traditional hot dog. The entire meal for four cost just $12.32– and for her ingenuity, Piantek will take home a check for $250.

October 21, 2009
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Food & Water Watch Joins with Local Community Leaders and Businesses to Launch Grand Rapids Take Back the Tap Campaign

Grand Rapids, Mich.– Today, Food & Water Watch, the Wege Foundation, the Grand Rapids City Commission, Gilmore Collection restaurants, Grand Rapids Community College and Saint Mary’s Health Care joined together to launch Take Back the Tap Grand Rapids. The campaign highlights the social, economic, and environmental problems with the bottled water industry; the need for increased funding for public tap water; and the importance of celebrating and protecting Michigan’s watersheds.

October 16, 2009
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Nestle Videos a Spin Job to Compensate for Wasteful, Unnecessary Product

Yesterday, Nestle Waters North America announced the release of a series of videos aimed at consumers touting among other things, the so-called safety of its plastic water bottles, the advantages of plastic bottles over glass bottles, and its own corporate efforts to promote recycling programs. While Nestle is promoting these videos as part of its ongoing dedication to environmental stewardship, we see them for what they really are–damage control to compensate for the company’s recent 2.7 percent decline in sales.

October 13, 2009
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Food & Water Watch Joins With Campuses Across the U.S. to Launch First Annual Campus Day of Action

Washington, D.C.– Today, the national consumer advocacy group Food & Water Watch joined with 11 colleges and universities around the U.S. for the first annual Campus Day of Action. The event connects the work of students around the U.S. in their efforts to educate their campuses and communities about the benefits of choosing to drink tap water and the environmental, social, and economic drawbacks of bottled water. The Campus Day of Action is an extension of Food & Water Watch’s Take Back the Tap campaign, which works with campuses and restaurants around the country to help them replace bottled water with tap water.

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