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We were first introduced to Food & Water Watch during an effort to maintain local control of the publicly owned water system in our area. We have continued to support the efforts of FWW as they lobby for the best interests of the people of this planet.
Jennifer Neylon

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June 22, 2009
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New Survey: Fishermen Oppose Controversial Management Plan

Press Release: Today, Food & Water Watch released the results of a re-referendum on a controversial fishery management plan in the Gulf of Mexico. Designed by the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council, the plan is known as an Individual Fishing Quota, or IFQ, and aims to manage the grouper and tilefish fisheries of the Gulf by dividing the amount of fish caught among fishermen, based on the amount they have caught in the past‚Äîessentially privatizing the resource. The re-referendum sent questionnaires to reef fish permitholders who were excluded from the earlier vote on the plan. One hundred seventy-two fishermen responded to the questionnaire. An overwhelming majority–nearly 90 percent–would not have approved the plan had they been included in the initial vote.

June 19, 2009
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Food & Water Watch Applauds Effort to Close Loopholes in Great Lakes Compact

Press Statement: “This week, Representative Bart Stupak (D-MI-1) introduced H. Res. 551 addressing loopholes in the Great Lakes Compact that allow for the commercial extraction of water from the lakes as long as it is placed in containers 5.7 gallons or smaller. Food & Water Watch commends Representative Stupak for this effort to prevent the commercialization of this vital natural resource and urges Congress to adopt this resolution.

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Food & Water Watch Lauds House Appropriations Committee for Approving Water Infrastructure Funding, Urges Congress to Adopt Clean Water Trust Fund

Press Statement: ‚This week, the United States House of Representatives Appropriations Committee passed the Environmental Protection Agency appropriation, which allocates $3.9 billion to help over 1500 communities improve their drinking water and wastewater systems. This legislation includes $2.3 billion for the Clean Water State Revolving Fund to ensure that our nation‚ waters meet the goals of the Clean Water Act; $1.4 billion for the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund to protect public health by improving drinking water systems; and $160 million for direct grants to communities for water infrastructure. Food & Water Watch applauds the Appropriations Committee and urges Congress to pass this important piece of legislation.

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Consumer Safety on Track as Ban on Chinese Chicken Kept Intact

Press Statement: ‚Food & Water Watch applauds the House Appropriations Committee for protecting consumers health by maintaining a ban on imported processed poultry products from China. Despite pressure from agribusiness to end the prohibition in the U.S. Department of Agriculture budget, the committee maintained the ban on poultry products from a country with weak food safety protections.”

June 15, 2009
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Food & Water Watch Joins With Local Groups to Oppose Potential Privatization of Milwaukee's Water System

Press Release: Food & Water Watch, a national consumer advocacy group, today joined forces with the Keep Public Our Water (KPOW) coalition at a rally at City Hall to call on the Milwaukee Common Council to pass a resolution permanently suspending the proposal to lease Milwaukee‚ Water Works and conclude its inquiry into privatizing the city‚ water system. Faced with budget pressures, the city of Milwaukee had been considering leasing its water utility to a private company for 75 to 99 years in return for a one-time payment of up to $550 million to $600 million dollars. In addition to Food & Water Watch, Members of the KPOW coalition include AFSME Council 48; Campaign Against Violence; Midwest Environmental Advocates; Milwaukee Inner City Communities Allied for Hope; Milwaukee Renaissance; Milwaukee Riverkeeper; Water Works Local #952 and the Wisconsin League of Voters.

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Bi-Partisan Congressional Letter Urges Commerce Secretary to Disapprove Gulf Council Offshore Aquaculture Plan

Press Statement: “Food & Water Watch commends Representative Lois Capps (CA-23), Representative Gene Taylor (MS-4) and Representative Sam Farr (CA-17) for leading the effort in Congress to prevent the controversial Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council ocean fish farming plan from moving forward.”

June 10, 2009
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Capitol Hill Panel Promotes Ocean Privatization

Press Statement: ‚Yesterday, one of the panels for Capitol Hill Oceans Week, Feeding a Nation: The Role of Fishing and Aquaculture in Today‚ Economy, touted parceling out our oceans to a few big businesses as the best way to feed U.S. consumers and alleviate pressure on over-stressed wild fish.”

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Lease of Milwaukee Water System Would Require Public Referendum

Food & Water Watch, a national consumer advocacy organization, presented to Milwaukee Common Council legal precedence indicating that the proposed lease of Milwaukee‚ water system to a private company must be subject to a city-wide referendum. According to Food & Water Watch analysis, Wisconsin state statute section 66.0817 (4) indicates that “prior to a city consummating a proposed agreement to lease a public utility it owns, the proposal shall be submitted to the electors of the municipality[,] to be determined be a majority.” Food & Water Watch submitted this finding today in a letter to Milwaukee Common Council President Willie L. Hines.

June 8, 2009
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World Oceans Day: Setting Sail to Keep Oceans in Public Hands

Press Release: Press Statement of Maude Barlow, Senior Advisor on Water to the President of the UN General Assembly and President of the Food & Water Watch Board of Directors: “‚We have our oceans to thank for making life possible. Their waters cover nearly three quarters – more than 130 million square miles – of the planet’s surface. They host a vast array of life and power climactic cycles that support and sustain everyone and everything on Earth.”

June 6, 2009
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Kona Blue Water Farms Disregards Native Hawaiian Rights

Today, Food & Water Watch, a national consumer advocacy organization, joined with Hawaii‚ Kanaka Council, a coalition comprised of Native Hawaiian rights groups, in urging Monterey Bay Aquarium to remove U.S. farmed yellowtail or “Kona Kampachi” as a “Good Alternative” from the aquarium‚ Seafood Watch Card. Food & Water Watch Staff Attorney, Zach Corrigan, and Kanaka Council Moku O Keawe Representative, Kale Gumapac, delivered a letter to the Aquarium signed by six other native Hawaiian leaders that states Kona Blue Water Farms, the only U.S. producer of farmed U.S. yellowtail, ignores native Hawaiian rights and negatively impacts the environment and cultural traditions in Hawaii. Monterey Bay Aquarium should therefore not label Kona‚ product, marketed as “Kona Kampachi,” as a sustainable seafood choice.

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