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I support Food & Water Watch because it is really the "watchdog" that is protecting and educating consumers one person at a time. If we each follow through with action we will change the world.
Brigid Sullivan

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April 4, 2013

Privatized Water Systems More Costly than Loans

Press Release: As municipalities throughout the United States struggle to balance budgets in the wake of last decade’s financial crisis, some may raise cash by leasing or selling their drinking and wastewater systems to private entities.

REDD+ Program Gets a D Minus on Greenhouse Gas Reduction

Press Release: California’s Global Warming Solutions Act created a voluntary cap-and-trade market in an effort to achieve a 30 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020. Some policymakers consider this program a test market for a national model, as well as a possible opportunity to use international forest offsets from REDD+ programs in developing countries. However, a new report points to significant problems that prevent REDD+ forest offsets from legitimately reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The report, Bad Trade: International Forest Offsets and California’s Carbon Market, released by Food & Water Watch today, demonstrates that cap-and-trade markets are not a viable solution because they don’t encourage emission reductions at the source, but instead privatize natural resources, present opportunities for corrupt offset trading, and threaten the livelihoods and resources of indigenous communities.

April 3, 2013
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From Saccharin to GE Seed, Report Profiles Monsanto’s History Peddling Chemicals for Food, Agriculture, War

Press Release: Today, the consumer advocacy nonprofit Food & Water Watch released its report, Monsanto: A Corporate Profile.

April 2, 2013
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Nationwide Coalition Urges USDA to Protect Integrity of Country of Origin Labels

Press Release: A coalition of 229 farm, rural, faith, consumer and environmental organizations from 45 states delivered a letter urging the U.S. Department of Agriculture to protect the integrity of Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) for meat products.

March 21, 2013
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Americans Against Fracking Denounces New Fracking “Standards”

Media Statement: “The Center for Sustainable Shale Development, a new greenwashing group backed by the oil and gas industry, will not mitigate the economic, environmental and public health threats posed by hydraulic fracturing (fracking).

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With Deep Ties to Oil and Gas Industry, Moniz Wrong Choice for Energy Secretary

“New research released this week by the Public Accountability Initiative and Propublica further highlight the fact that Dr. Ernest Moniz lacks the vision and independence to serve as our nation’s Secretary of Energy.

March 20, 2013
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Senate Passes Stopgap Spending Measure Full of Special Interest Favors

Media Statement: Today, the Senate passed a continuing resolution that was laden with special interest policy riders. Senate Appropriations Chairwoman Barbara Mikulski (D-Maryland) and Ranking Member Richard Shelby (R-Alabama) abdicated their responsibility by offering a stale spending bill from last year that is loaded with special legislative giveaways to big agribusiness companies. The heavy-handed and undemocratic process used to force the Senate to accept a deeply flawed proposal allowed votes on only nine amendments.

March 19, 2013
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Baltimore City Council Passes Fracking Wastewater Bill

Press Release: Washington, D.C.—Yesterday, the Baltimore City Council passed legislation to ban the treatment, disposal, discharge and storage of fracking wastewater in Baltimore City. Baltimore has now taken a critical step in protecting citizens from dangers associated with processing wastewater produced by hydraulic fracturing or fracking. With this legislation, Baltimore speaks loud and clear: it will not become a dumping ground for the toxic waste produced by oil and gas wells upriver. Councilman James Kraft introduced the ordinance, along with co-sponsors Bill Henry, William “Pete” Welch, Edward L. Reisinger, Mary Pat Clarke, Sharon Green Middleton, Nick Mosby, Robert W. Curran, Helen L. Holton.

Modern fracking to extract natural gas from shale formations can result in millions of gallons of wastewater for every new well that is drilled and fracked. This fracking wastewater contains not only the chemicals used in fracking fluid, but also harmful natural contaminants from deep underground that are carried to the surface after fracking. Contaminants used in fracking, including benzene, xylene, ethylene glycol, and 2-butoxyethanol, have been linked to cancer and have negative affects on the nervous system, kidney, and liver.

“We know that the wastewater resulting from fracking can have serious environmental and health consequences,” said Councilman Kraft. “This legislation will ensure that there will not be any disposal, storage, or treatment of this wastewater in Baltimore City.”

Maryland is not currently equipped to safely manage the hazardous waste produced by fracking and drilling, which would involve proper underground injection wells used for disposal of oil and gas wastewaters. The state’s wastewater treatment facilities are not designed to handle the contaminants typically contained in fracking wastewater, which includes naturally occurring radioactive material. Since fracking wastewater is exempted from federal-and state-level regulations pertaining to hazardous waste, thanks to the oil and gas industry, there would be no protections for Marylanders without legislation that specifically bans the processing or disposal of the toxic chemicals associated with fracking.

“We commend the Council for recognizing the potential for negative impacts related to fracking. And we thank Councilman Kraft and his colleagues for leading on this issue. By passing this ordinance they are protecting Baltimore from dangers associated with treating wastewater, which can contain extreme levels of harmful contaminants and chemicals,” said Food & Water Watch Executive Director Wenonah Hauter. “We hope that other Maryland cities and towns, from Cumberland to Frederick to Annapolis, follow Baltimore’s lead by taking action to protect their citizens.”

“The City already has its hands full with addressing the existing contamination in its waterways and threats to the health of its residents,” said Tina Meyers, Baltimore Harbour Waterkeeper for Blue Water Baltimore. “Accepting fracking wastewater would just be another burden that our wastewater treatment plants, our waterways, and our residents cannot bear.”

“There is no disputing that the transportation and attempt to treat fracking waste fluid with its use of water laced with unidentified chemicals is a threat to the health and safety of Maryland residents, subjecting drinking water resources, rivers, wells and aquifers to the risk of contamination,” stated Andy Galli of Clean Water Action. “In passing this ordinance the Baltimore City Council has certainly establish the proper public health and environmental safe-guards for protecting the citizens of Baltimore and neighboring counties.”

Contact: Rich Bindell, Food & Water Watch, 202-683-2457, [email protected]

March 15, 2013
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Energy Security Trust Will Not Mitigate Damage Caused by Natural Gas and Fracking

Media Statement: “With its proposed Energy Security Trust, the Obama Administration continues to create the illusion that natural gas will provide a clean path to a low- carbon future.

March 14, 2013
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Americans Against Fracking Science Advisor Applauds Proposed Illinois Fracking Moratorium

Media Statement: “As science advisor to Americans Against Fracking, I salute Illinois Speaker of the House Michael Madigan (D-Chicago) for supporting a moratorium on hydraulic fracking in the Land of Lincoln.

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