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Food & Water Watch does an excellent job of keeping tabs on the food safety issues I care about. It would be a full-time job to stay updated myself. Their petitions are simple, to the point, and easy to share.
Marianne Scrivner

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January 22, 2014
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State and National Groups Fear O’Malley Decision On Fracking In Maryland By August

Annapolis, MD—In a letter to Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley and his administration, 14 state and national groups requested that the governor reveal his timeline for making a decision on fracking. Pointing out that the governor’s fracking commission is scheduled to issue its final report in August and that O’Malley’s term is over in January 2015, the groups asked O’Malley to disclose if he plans to make a decision on fracking between August 2014 and January 2015.

Recent news that the oil and gas industry is also targeting the Taylorsville shale basin for gas development has added extra urgency to the decision. The basin sits underneath parts of Charles, St. Mary’s, Prince George’s, Calvert and Anne Arundel counties, and means that drilling would not be limited to just the western portions of the state.

“It is clear that the governor will have full authority to decide if fracking is coming to Maryland on August 1,” said Jorge Aguilar, the southern region director for Food & Water Watch. “We believe the ball will be in the governor’s court because the three studies he requested from his Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission are due by June and a final commission report is due on his desk by Aug 1.”

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Californians Show Strong Opposition to Fracking at Today’s State of the State Address

Press Release: About 200 concerned Californians gathered outside the Capitol building today to implore Governor Brown to mitigate the state’s drought by halting the water-intensive drilling technique called fracking (hydraulic fracturing), and other extreme oil extraction methods.

January 21, 2014
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USDA To Permit Poultry Industry to Self Regulate on Pathogen Levels In Chicken Parts

Press Release: Food & Water Watch has obtained an internal e-mail that reveals a plan by USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) to allow the poultry industry to set its own performance standards for pathogen reduction in chicken parts.

January 17, 2014
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Will California Governor Do His Part to Assuage State’s Drought?

Media Statement: Today Governor Brown made an official declaration that California is in a severe drought and called on Californians to reduce their water consumption. We are confident Californians will do their part, as they have in the past in droughts, but will the Governor do his?

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Californians Against Fracking to Protest at Governor Brown’s State of the State Address Next Week

Media Advisory: The latest show of opposition to these techniques will be in Sacramento next week when concerned Californians will rally at the Capitol for Governor Brown’s State of the State Address to voice their concerns.

Fisheries Research Should Not Become “Collateral Damage” of Trade Deal

Washington, D.C.—“Today, 9 members of Congress sent a letter to the United States Trade Representative to ensure that fisheries research does not become the unintended collateral damage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Trade Agreement.

Currently, the TPP is being negotiated in secret and includes some of the world’s biggest fish and seafood exporters (Vietnam, Malaysia, Canada, Mexico) and is designed so other nations can just join it in the future. Already the Philippines, China, South Korea, Thailand and India (and their tremendous fishing and aquaculture industries) have expressed interest in joining TPP.

TPP would eliminate all or nearly all tariffs on imported fish, which is just another reason to oppose fast track. Some of these tariffs are used to fund domestic fisheries research. Given the beating our fishermen already have taken from massive seafood imports, they don’t need this added injury.

Food & Water Watch heartily shares the Congress Members’ concerns that fisheries research will become the unintended collateral damage of TPP negotiations.”

January 9, 2014

Congressional Push for Fast Track Authority Threatens Basic Consumer Rights, Food Safety, Local Sovereignty

“With the introduction of fast track legislation today in the Senate and House of Representatives, the Obama Administration came a step closer to its goal to be allowed unchecked authority to promote trade deals that undermine basic consumer rights, food safety and local sovereignty. The President is seeking fast track authority in order to complete controversial trade deals including the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the U.S.-EU Free Trade Agreement, which are actually corporate power grabs disguised as trade agreements.

“It’s deplorable that Congress would consider giving up their oversight role and allow the White House to push for an accelerated timetable for something as critical and far-reaching as the TPP. If Congress passes fast track, it would allow the President to set the terms for all future negotiations relating to trade deals, without any ability of Congress to amend the language.

“Fast track approval would pave the way for the TPP, which could have disastrous implications for American consumers. The TPP threatens the very essence of our democratic process by promoting privatization of public resources and corporate self-regulation. It would give companies the power to overrule local governing bodies on decisions about fracking, food safety, public health and the environment. Despite the far-reaching implications of these negotiations, the TPP has mostly been negotiated in secret. But over 600 official corporate ‘trade advisors’ are privy to the content in the agreements, even though Members of Congress, governors, state legislators, the media or the public haven’t had access to its text.

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Food & Water Watch Slams Sysco-US Foods Merger

Press Release: In response to the latest news of giant food corporations seeking to further consolidate, Food & Water Watch demanded that the U.S. Federal Trade Commission undertake a thorough and comprehensive analysis of the proposed merger between the two biggest U.S. foodservice distribution firms: Sysco Corp. and US Foods Holding Corp.

December 19, 2013
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Pennsylvania Supreme Court Acknowledges Dangers of Fracking in Decision to Empower Communities

Media Statement: Today’s decision by the State Supreme Court acknowledging the dangers of fracking is a huge victory for communities throughout Pennsylvania that have been fighting desperately against the devastating realities of fracking that big oil and gas corporations – and our bought-off governor – have thrust upon them.

Organizations Denounce Nestlé’s New Human Rights Impact Assessment as a Public Relations Stunt

Nestlé’s new human rights assessment, launched at the UN Forum on Business and Human Rights last week, is full of holes say labour and civil society organizations, including the Blue Planet Project, FIVAS, Food & Water Watch, and Public Services International.

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