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Get Wall Street out of Rio!

Activists at the State Department for the Rio+20 Day of ActionIn June 2012, Rio de Janiero, Brazil played host to heads of state, UN agencies, and global stakeholders as they convened for the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD), commonly known as “Rio+20.” There was a lot at stake.In Rio, global leaders met to make commitments towards sustainable development 20 years after the UN Conference on Environment and Development. They also used the opportunity to map out the “green economy.”On our Day of Action, June 5, 2012, we sent a message to the U.S. negotiators to get Wall Street out of Rio, telling them that:

  • We want a truly green economy, not a green-washed economy.
  • We want an economy that supports communities, not multinational corporations. And we want an economy that upholds our common resources like water as a public trust, not a commodity, and recognizes the human right to water.

Right now, the Rio+20 “green economy” agenda is being driven by interests that seek to privatize nature by further deregulating industry and handing our common resources over to companies for profit. 

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