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I support Food & Water Watch simply because I have a family and want them to be healthy, happy and do not want anyone to take advantage of them.

Cassandra Nguyen

Agricultural Policy

Today, we are in a worldwide struggle for control of our food and water. Find out how what you can do to help protect food and farms in our Fair Farm campaign.


In a country where the average food product travels thousands of miles before reaching our dinner tables, it’s easy to lose touch with the origins of what we eat. People around the country are building up their local food systems as one way to combat that problem. That’s an important step, but we can’t just shop our way out of the problems in our food system. We need to fix our broken food policy too.

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  • Over 90 percent of soybeans and 80 percent of corn grown in the United States contains genetic material patented by Monsanto.
  • To make up for the low prices paid by meat companies, many farms raising animals either quit or get bigger. Large scale confined livestock and poultry operations produce half a billion tons of manure each year, more than three times as much waste as that produced by the entire U.S. population.
  • Eighty percent of antibiotics sold in the United States are used for agricultural purposes— it’s common practice on factory farms to routinely give low dosages of antibiotics to healthy livestock, to prevent disease and promote growth.
  • The largest food retailer in the United States is Walmart. One out of every three dollars spent on groceries in this country goes to Walmart

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