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I long ago stopped believing that most corporations and politicians had the good of the public in mind. We need independent groups like Food & Water Watch to raise awareness and advocate for ethical, environmentally positive laws.
Elise Zuidema




The Problem

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What would happen if your antibiotics didn’t work the next time you needed them? 

Every single day, factory farms are feeding their animals regular, low doses of antibiotics to prevent disease in filthy, crowded living conditions. This practice creates a perfect breeding ground for bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics. When these resistant bacteria escape the factory farm grounds and get into our food and water, they can make people seriously ill.

It doesn’t matter if you’re young, a vegetarian, or only eat organic meat: everyone is at risk of contracting antibiotic-resistant infections. In order to maintain antibiotics’ effectiveness, we need to use them all properly. But factory farms don’t, which is ruining antibiotics for everyone. 

What You Can Do About It

To save antibiotics for medicine, we have to stop
Big Ag from misusing them on factory farms… and
we can’t count on them to do that voluntarily. Ask your members of Congress to pass a common-sense law to stop factory farms from feeding antibiotics to animals that aren’t sick.

We’ve seen a groundswell of support from people across the country who want to save our medicine. And in order to show our Congress members that Americans demand action, we’re working with communities to pass resolutions against the misuse of antibiotics on factory farms. Check out the resolutions that have already passed, and learn how you can pass one in your community.

Have antibiotic-resistant infections impacted your life? Share your experience with us.


Did You Know?
  • 80% of the antibiotics used in the U.S. are used on factory farms.
  • Over two million Americans suffer from an antibiotic-resistant infection every year, and 23,000 people die from them.
  • The FDA has known about the problem of antibiotics misuse since at least 1977, but has not required factory farms to stop this dangerous practice.