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I long ago stopped believing that most corporations and politicians had the good of the public in mind. We need independent groups like Food & Water Watch to raise awareness and advocate for ethical, environmentally positive laws.
Elise Zuidema

Decoding Food Labels

Does it seem like there are new food labels popping up all the time? While it’s important that consumers get the information they need to make wise choices, some of these labels just don’t mean anything at all. Food & Water Watch will help you decode some of the common labels.

Meat & Dairy: How Much do Labels Really Tell You?

Although buying local food directly from the farmer is ideal, most of us still buy our meat and dairy products at the grocery store. The array of labels found on meat, milk, and eggs can be overwhelming. From “free-range” to “natural” to “organic,” the food industry has responded to growing consumer concern about the safety and wholesomeness of our food with a growing number of claims about their products. Click here to read more.

Shrimp Eco-Labels: What do they Mean?

The ever-expanding shrimp industry has been devastating to the environment and coastal communities throughout many parts of the world. Recognizing this, increasingly conscious consumers are now demanding more sustainably produced shrimp.Unfortunately, the multitude and variety of labels can be confusing, leaving consumers to wonder about each label‚ meaning and credibility. Click here to read more.