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Cassandra Nguyen

Challenge the corporate control of our food system!

Did you know that despite endless aisles of food in the grocery store, just a handful of companies decide what kind of food you can buy and how farmers can produce it? It’s true. Decades of bad farm policy and unchecked corporate mergers have driven out independent players, creating powerful agribusiness giants who control much of what ends up on our plate.

Consumers are fed up with a broken food system that makes us sick, harms the environment and promotes factory farms.  We recently worked with our coalition partners to deliver over 200,000 comments opposing Monsanto’s genetically engineered Alfalfa to the USDA.  This was just the first step in a growing movement to take back our food system!

We have an important opportunity right now to get the Department of Justice to investigate the handful of companies that control much of the food system.  Can you take action to encourage the Department of Justice to break the monopolies?