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As someone who has been actively concerned about food and water for almost half a century, I appreciate that Food & Water Watch is bringing accurate and important information to people spreading the word about issues that only a few of us used to be aware of.
Sanda Everette
July 15th, 2013

Don’t Fast Track Fracking and Unsafe Food



The U.S. government is aggressively negotiating two large “free trade” deals with a dozen Pacific Rim countries and the European Union. Although these trade pacts are presented as opportunities to increase exports, the reality is that the small print in these trade negotiations has allowed big business to undermine vital public health, consumer protection and environmental safeguards as so-called “trade barriers.” 

Both the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA) would increase pressure  to frack for shale gas and weaken our food safety system. In order to assure that these deals make it through Congress, the Obama administration has asked Congress to grant it “fast track” trade authority.