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Food & Water Watch does an excellent job of keeping tabs on the food safety issues I care about. It would be a full-time job to stay updated myself. Their petitions are simple, to the point, and easy to share.
Marianne Scrivner
January 15th, 2014

What is TPP? How Secret Trade Deals Hurt Our Families

Email your Representative to help stop President Obama’s attempts to Fast Track dangerous secret trade deals like the TPP. http://fwwat.ch/VoteNoTPP

Mitch Jones is the Common Resources Director for Food & Water Watch.

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2 Comments on What is TPP? How Secret Trade Deals Hurt Our Families

  1. Josephine Blanco-Cerda says:

    Do not allow TPP to take place. By doing so, you will be underlying our communities strengths.

  2. Richard says:

    I listen to a weekly internet radio program that speeks about the food and water contamination by corporations/government/ruling elite. Dr. Wynn Parker (RBN.org Sunday 10:00-13:00 Central) explains that the fracking destroys the (-) electron of water molecular structure. This appears to be a “Hunger Games” senario, beyond consparisy. If the vote is rigged because of electronic ballets and no paper trail how can we defeat the ruling elite?

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