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Factory Farms

US-style factory farms are moving in to the EU, forcing quality down to push profits up. Fueled by industrial soya imports, most of it genetically modified, factory farms drive smaller operations with decent animal welfare out of business.

Rather than support the kind of local, sustainable food people want, policies foster practices that hide the truth about factory farms. For example, labeling rules mean meat can be labeled as a “product of” a country even if it is really meat from somewhere else merely packaged in that country. Food & Water Europe think this should change so consumers can see where their meat comes from and support farmers who maintain high standards.

Recent outbreaks of E coli in Germany and antibiotic resistant MRSA in cattle in the UK have killed several people. We waste precious time looking for the source of outbreaks like these there because our food system is now so complex. Consumers are put at risk by the way we produce, package, ship, sell, buy and store our food, and the way supermarkets and processors treat our farmers, which is why we’ve written to the UK Government asking them to give a new Ombudsman strong powers to redress the balance.

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Food & Water Europe has been working since early 2010 to make sure plans for the EU’s biggest mega dairy would not go forward. On February 16, 2011, after much public pressure, the plans were finally withdrawn.

Read our letter objecting to the mega-dairy at Nocton.

Food & Water Europe Welcomes Withdrawal of Plans for a Mega Dairy in the UK

Plans for a mega-dairy of 8,100 cows in Lincolnshire have been withdrawn.

Food Labels Could Stop Factory Farming

How Better Food Labels Could Stop Factory Farming in Europe

A Factory Farm Force — U.S. Multinational Smithfield Moves into Europe

Virginia-based Smithfield has been expanding aggressively into Eastern Europe.

Cloned Animals — 2010 Update

Animal products derived from clones have no labeling requirements, depriving consumers of their right to choose.

Take Action

You can help by writing to your MEP and demanding fairer labelling for meat showing clearly where the animals were born, reared and slaughtered – not just packaged. MEPs have supported moves to get make these labels mandatory, including on processed foods, so we need to show them we want them to keep the process going. To find your local MEP, go to the European Parliament website.