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As someone who has been actively concerned about food and water for almost half a century, I appreciate that Food & Water Watch is bringing accurate and important information to people spreading the word about issues that only a few of us used to be aware of.
Sanda Everette

Stop Frankenfish

Update: Congress Unites Against FDA Approval of GE Salmon

At least 30 House members and 14 senators have written the Obama administration either expressing serious concerns about the manner in which the FDA conducted its review of Aquabounty’s GE salmon, or calling for the outright prohibition of its approval for human consumption. So why isn’t the FDA listening? Learn more.

Troubling Emails Reveal Federal Scientists Fear FDA Approval of Genetically Engineered Salmon

“Nice work Greg,” Denise Hawkins, PhD, Fish & Wildlife Service Regional Geneticist wrote to a coworker in September. “Especially pointing out that there is no data to support the claims of low survival in the event of escape, which I agree with you all is a big concern. I also agree…that using triploid fish [which AquaBounty claim have undergone a sterilization process] is not foolproof. Maybe they [the FDA] should watch Jurassic Park.” Read more.

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The biotechnology industry has genetically engineered a fish that grows at twice the normal rate, so it can get to market sooner and make more money, faster.

The FDA doesn’t even do its own testing of genetically engineered animals: it relies on information provided by the company that wants approval. And because GE salmon are being considered as a new animal drug, the process isn’t focused on what happens to people who eat genetically engineered animals. So on top of the health concerns posed by raising salmon in crowded factory fish farms that rely on antibiotics and other chemicals, the FDA could be adding the unknown risks of GE salmon to the mix.

If approved, GE salmon would be the first “transgenic” animal allowed into our food supply. It’s also unlikely that it would have to be labeled, so you might not even know you’re eating it.

Also, the FDA is the same agency that’s in charge of overseeing the egg industry, and we see how well they’ve done that job. It’s up to us to demand that President Obama direct the FDA on this matter. Take action now.

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