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Mercury and PCB Methodology:

Mercury and PCB contaminant information for the Smart Seafood Guide is drawn from Environmental Defense Fund’s Health Alert List. Environmental Defense calculates health advisories based on government databases and scientific studies, and establishes recommended safe consumption levels for men, women and children. Food & Water Watch does not recommend any fish which cannot safely be consumed by adults less than four times per month. The following information corresponding to all such fish explains that they “may contain levels of mercury and/or PCB contamination that pose health risks to adults and children.”  For those fish that Environmental Defense advises adults can safely consume more than four times a month, but cautiously recommends that children only eat two to three times a month, the information following the note explains, “[This fish] is not strongly associated with contaminants, but may contain some mercury. Consumers should check for current warnings to determine safe consumption levels of fish, in particular for pregnant women, those who may become pregnant and children:

For more information, please see and “Do You Know What’s in Your Seafood?”

These recommendations are intended as a general reference. They are not intended to provide specific medical advice, supplant any government warnings or otherwise prevent exposure to any health hazards associated with seafood. People should always follow proper acquisition, handling and cooking procedures of any seafood they prepare or consume.