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June 1st, 2012

What Kind of Green Do You See in Your Future?

What kind of green economy do you want?Preparing for Rio+20 with a National Day of Action

By Rich Bindell

Most of us want to plan for a green future. Whether or not the color green symbolizes nature or money depends on if you’re preparing to protect nature or profit from it. As the global population increases and our natural resources become scarcer, private interests are seeking to treat the earth’s shared resources as commodities to buy and sell in an open market system. They call it a “green economy,” but it’s really the commodification of our shared, natural resources. For those of us who believe that these resources should remain under public control, we have work to do.

On June 5, 2012, citizens, organizers, advocates and responsible stewards of public resources are gearing up for a national day of action. From Elberon and Highland Park, New Jersey to Cincinnati, Chicago and Iowa City… all the way to San Francisco, California and Hood River, Oregon, somewhere near you, citizens will be gathering to send a message to the U.S. negotiators to get Wall Street out of Rio.

Show your support for an economy that upholds our common resources as a public trust, not a commodity, and recognizes the human right to water.

On June 20, international leaders will meet in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, also known as Rio+20. The conference presents an opportunity for citizens and leaders alike to discuss critical issues that face our planet, including poverty, food and water supplies and environmental stewardship.

The United States delegation to Rio+20 is being led by the Department of State. We want to send a strong message to U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that the key to successful, sustainable development throughout the world includes buy-in from communities of citizens and serves the public interest, not just multinational corporations.

If you prefer to plan for an economy that upholds our common resources as a public trust—not a commodity—and recognizes the human rights to water and food, join us on June 5 for a day of action and take a moment now to sign our petition to Secretary Clinton. Here are even more ways to get involved:

• Use the twitter hashtag #rioplus20 and tweet Secretary Clinton. Here’s a sample tweet: @StateDept: Don’t let Wall St. control our essential resources. Support human rights in Rio! #rioplus20

• You can also post a photo petition to the State Department Facebook page.

Our economic future should recognize that there are still some things too sacred to put on the open market.

One Comment on What Kind of Green Do You See in Your Future?

  1. Ava says:

    Great post! I agree that it is essential that real human beings should be the central concern of sustainability, not corporations. The connection between the environment and women’s health will be critical to put front and center at Rio+20. We’re hosting a blogger call on Tuesday the 12th to discuss this intersection. Hope anyone interested will RSVP to attend: http://bit.ly/Lv5Ylo

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