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July 12th, 2013

Victory: FDA Finally Tackles Arsenic in Apple Juice

By Darcey Rakestraw and Anna Ghosh

Image provided by Patrick Geltinger.

Some of the problems with our food system might seem intractable, but today’s news shows that when we put pressure on decision makers, we get results.

According to media reports, the FDA is proposing stricter standards for allowable arsenic levels in our apple juice. Tests commissioned by the Empire State Consumer Project in 2011 showed one juice sample had arsenic levels more than five times higher than what the Environmental Protection Agency would allow in drinking water. We publicized these results to the media and the issue resonated with consumers and health professionals—Dr. Oz even tackled the issue on his show, bringing even more pressure onto the FDA to do something to protect our littlest consumers (since apple juice is a favorite of kids).

We’ve been lobbying for two years for these stricter standards for arsenic levels in apple juice. Now, we need to make sure they are finalized and enforced.

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One Comment on Victory: FDA Finally Tackles Arsenic in Apple Juice

  1. Richard Tilton says:

    Thank goodness that you are fighting for our
    food safety
    Not much that i can do as at my age ( 84 ) most of
    the fight is gone .
    Thank you for carrying on the fight.

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