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December 9th, 2013

TPP: No Wonder They Want to Keep it Secret

By Mitch Jones

The latest leaks related to the ongoing Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations show why the administration is so eager to keep them secret: on every issue the U.S. is siding with corporate interests and against the interests of our families and communities.

Perhaps the most troubling part of the latest leak is the lengths to which the U.S. is going to implement Investor State Dispute System, or ISDS. The ISDS is the part of the deal that would allow foreign corporations to sue federal, state and local governments in an international trade tribunal if the corporation thinks it’s “free trade” rights are being undermined by laws and regulations designed to protect families and communities.

In case that wasn’t clear enough, here’s another way to look at it: the U.S. is fighting hard to make sure corporations can sue your city or state if they feel your laws are hurting their profits. It’s outrageous!

We’ve already seen what similar provisions can do in other trade deals. In Quebec, under NFTA, a corporation is suing the province for $250 million for lost profits because of Quebec’s fracking moratorium. 

If the TPP is approved with the provisions our own government is pushing, all our efforts to ban fracking in our communities, to label GMOs in our states, and to buy local food for our schools could be undermined.

But we can stop it. The only way this deal will get approved is if Congress gives the Administration fast track authority to negotiate the deal. If it does so, Congress will give up it’s right to amend whatever the Administration agrees to.

Email your Congress member today, and tell them to vote no on fast track. 

2 Comments on TPP: No Wonder They Want to Keep it Secret

  1. Eleanor Hare says:

    I heard Maude Barlow on C-SPANN and decided that I need to learn more about both water resources and trade agreements.

  2. Leroy hunter says:

    The ideal that corporations will have the ability to usurp the legitimate laws of a sovereign nation is repugnant to me.

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