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August 21st, 2012

There’s No “Safe” Fracking, Governor Cuomo

By Alex Beauchamp

Update: Check out coverage of our commercial in The New York Times here.

If you’ve seen our commercial (above) running in New York State, you know that 6 percent of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) wells fail immediately, and 50 percent—yes, that’s half—fail over 30 years. That means if Governor Cuomo proceeds with his proposal to open up five counties in New York State to fracking, our water will be contaminated by this dirty process within a single generation.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Josh Fox, Oscar-nominated director of Gasland, on this ad running on network and cable TV stations in the Southern Tier—which will cover the five counties that the Governor is considering handing over to the oil and gas industry as sacrifice zones. The ad urges New Yorkers to call Governor Cuomo and tell him that there is no such thing as “safe fracking.”

This past Tuesday 11 national groups, including Greenpeace, Sierra Club and National Wildlife Federation, signed a letter to Cuomo urging him not to allow fracking “unless and until the impacts to New Yorkers’ health, environment and economy have been comprehensively and properly addressed.”

It’s not just New Yorkers that the Governor needs to hear from. He has political ambitions beyond New York State, and needs to hear from all Americans that the road to the White House is not lined with drilling rigs.

And fracking is not just an issue of concern here in the U.S. The oil and gas industry has its sights set on exploiting gas reserves throughout the world using this riskier process of injecting millions of gallons of fluid – typically a mix of water, sand, and chemicals including known carcinogens–underground at high pressure to fracture the shale formations surrounding a well, which then release the gas. Communities across the globe are banding together for the Global Frackdown, an international day of action, on September 22 to ask their leaders to ban fracking.

As Cuomo’s decision on opening up New York to fracking looms, citizens here are ramping up the pressure to combat the overwhelming industry influence on his decision. Advocates plan to confront Cuomo at the State Fair this week – as well as continue regular vigils in Mount Kisco, where Cuomo lives.

The pressure on Governor Cuomo is increasing by the day. Will he do the right thing by protecting the health and safety of all New Yorkers? Time will tell.

7 Comments on There’s No “Safe” Fracking, Governor Cuomo

  1. Paul Morse says:

    I believe that this letter says it all. P. M.

  2. Allowing any fracking in NYS will be tantatmount to environmental suicide and will have disastrous consequences. If you sanction this it will be at your behest and the millions of adversely affected New Yorkers will NEVER forget that.

  3. Mary Fornataro says:

    Gov. Cuomo,
    History will either call you the most ignorant NYS governor in history, or the most greedy depending on your real motives for allowing fracking. Nice legacy pal. How are you going to feel if any of your kids or grandkids gets sick because of your actions?

  4. D E Bassett says:

    Make no mistake, Governor Cuomo. Fracking is not safe. I speak from first-hand knowledge as a resident of Washington County, Pennsylvania, where fracking has been going on since roughly 2006. I know many people who are sick due to water and air contamination produced by this industry. I know families who have lost pets and livestock because of poisoning by drilling-related chemicals. Don’t be foolish. I know that lobbying is going on. I know that money talks, but it doesn’t talk *this* loud. It doesn’t talk loud enough to risk human lives, and Governor Cuomo, that is exactly what you will do if you allow fracking in New York.

  5. Charles Boyle says:

    My family has lived in the Catskill Mountains since they fled the Irish potato famine of the 1840’s. I share with my ancestors a profound love of our place amidst the streams and rivers of the Upper Delaware River Valley and I’m prepared to protect it with whatever means I have.
    I appeal to your greater sense of honor and justice and to ask that you wait until all the environmental impacts of hydrofracking
    are divulged. Thank you, all the best, Charles Boyle

  6. Charles Manley says:

    Please stop this poisoning of our lands.
    This technology was let loose in the previous administration and along with BP’s
    expansion into the gulf was largely unchecked.
    The chemicals that they pump under high pressure into your ( yes your) ground water remain in some cases a secret. we do not know at all where these chemicals will go in the short term or over time.

  7. Denise Eddy says:

    There is no chance Cuomo will make it to the White House when he becomes known as the man who sacrificed so much of what really belonged to the people. If he can’t stand up and protect one state he has no business considering presidency. We put everything into building our lives and he just hands it off because some people think they will get money. They will take the money and run and leave behind our once beautiful land as a poisoned wasteland. Criminal and will be judged.

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