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October 23rd, 2012

The Word from Pennsylvania: Fracking Isn’t Worth It

By Seth Gladstone

Within the swirl of propaganda floating around about the supposed benefits of fracking for natural gas, one theme seems to have unfortunately been taken to heart by some folks who are understandably anxious about these economically trying times. The idea, that fracking will bring immediate wealth and prosperity to those who engage with it, is as alluring as it is false.

New Yorkers and others who are currently grappling with the debate over whether to allow the dangerous and destructive drilling process on their lands deserve to know the truth about the hollow promises from the oil and gas industry. And there’s no one better to speak on the topic than real people from Pennsylvania who were sold the industry’s bill of goods themselves and were burned in the end. Now a few of these folks are getting their chance to tell New Yorkers what they’ve learned: that fracking isn’t worth it.

A brand new television ad from Food & Water Watch, featuring Pennsylvanians dealing personally with the horrible effects of fracking, has hit the airwaves in New York’s Southern Tier (the region that Governor Cuomo has threatened to turn into a fracking sacrifice zone.) Watch our new ad here:

Food & Water Watch has been highlighting the false fracking promises of New York’s oil and gas industry for some time. Our report on the matter details the costs of the practice to pubic health, public infrastructure, the environment and existing industries like tourism and agriculture, rebutting the industry’s promises of wealth for New York landowners and jobs for Southern Tier communities. Also, we were up on the airwaves of New York’s Southern Tier earlier this year. Our last ad targeting Governor Cuomo, profiled by The New York Times, highlighted the failure rates of fracking wells over time.

Though we’ll never be able to match the spending power and television might of the oil and gas industry, we know how important it is to make sure the truth about fracking is told to those who would be first and foremost affected by its devastating consequences. And we know that Governor Cuomo is hearing us. Watch our latest ad and make sure Governor Cuomo hears you too.

One Comment on The Word from Pennsylvania: Fracking Isn’t Worth It

  1. shelly cherry says:

    We are fighting the fight against fracking in WI-where they are mining for the “frac sand”. It is an uphill battle as these companies are employing the same tactics all over-lies,bullying bribing and whatever it takes for them to get their way. They have tons of money to throw which ever way they want. It is a nightmare. We need to all join together-they can’t frack your land without our sand…

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