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July 11th, 2012

The Road to the White House Is Not Lined With Fracking Rigs

By Wenonah Hauter
How did you spend your weekend? Former New York Governor Mario Cuomo spent his talking up the presidential potential of his son, current New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, telling people that the younger Cuomo may “have an opportunity to serve at a higher level, to serve the people of the United States.”
While it’s always nice to see a parent take pride in the accomplishments of their children, in this case, the elder Cuomo’s plug seems a little premature. Right now, nearly 20,000,000 New Yorkers are waiting to learn the fate of their essential resources as Governor Andrew Cuomo considers proposals to open New York State to shale gas development.
But the road to the White House is not lined with fracking rigs, and Cuomo’s cozy relationship with the oil and gas industry does not bode well for his energy policies if ever elected president. Before Governor Cuomo throws his hat into the ring, he needs to address the needs of his current constituents by banning fracking in New York.
All Americans deserve a future lit by clean, truly renewable energy, not dirty fossil fuels. Fracking threatens the air we breathe, the water we drink, the communities we love and the climate on which we depend. We don’t need it in New York, or anywhere else.
Opening New York up to fracking will set a dangerous precedent—in the state and the 2016 presidential campaign. Tell Governor Cuomo to preserve essential resources in New York and beyond by rejecting fracking.

7 Comments on The Road to the White House Is Not Lined With Fracking Rigs

  1. Andrea says:

    Dear Mr. Cuomo,

    Please take this opportunity to set a new path for the future – for those of your generation and those to come, by ending the war on our planet. Our planet is saturated; with oil, with fracking fluids, with people, with cars and roads and all the things that make money for someONE some where. For all other beings, it is a death sentence. Please, be visionary, be progressive, move the piece on the board for our planet and not the money brokers. It will eventually be the only move we can make. Or die.

    Thank you,


  2. Louise Denish says:

    Prleast peserve essential resources in N.Y. by rejecting fracking.

  3. retrac says:

    First time looking at this site – hard to take it seriously when you call it fracking… the term is fracturing.

  4. kfried says:

    You are very correct–the technical term is indeed “hydraulic fracturing.” We tend to take a less formal approach here on our blog, but all of our printed research refers to the process as “hydraulic fracturing.” “Fracking” is more of a layman’s term that we employ in more popular forms of communication such as our blog.

  5. PLease do not allow fracking in Ny. OMG clean water if gone can not be undone. There is no money in the world that can be worth this. I have seen Gasland and Not only does it poison and pollute the water but it uses millions of gallons of clean water to frack.

    PLease do not allow this.
    Monica Richardson
    your grandchildren will thank you!

    • soooo right! Mark my words, drinkable water will be the most valuable “commodity” of the future….this planet is already running out of fresh, drinkable water. People, plants, animals must have quantities of it to live, NOT propane. As bad as the poisoning is from the fracturing process, the greater problem is the MASSIVE amounts of water used…what a great waste.

  6. Padma Wick says:

    I grew up and lived in New York for many years, and still have family and friends there. I care deeply about the state.

    The old model of plunder and election by special interest money will soon be gone. You can do the wrong thing and get money for an election, or you can do the right thing and get the foot soldiers for a campaign and the votes directly from the people.
    Please protect the environment and people of New York and be a model for the rest of the country.

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