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July 9th, 2009

The Healthy School Milk or Bust Tour Hits the Road

Were almost ready to hit the road for the ‚Healthy School
Milk or Bust” Tour.
 Food &
Water Watch staff and activists will be taking an exciting road trip through
Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota to ask senators to
put kids’ nutrition first by clarifying that schools can purchase organic milk
or milk that has been produced without artificial hormones.  The tour will stop at various
county fairs, arts festivals and farmers’ markets to collect petition
signatures and urge people to call their members of congress, and then we’ll
deliver those petition signatures to Senator‚ district offices. 

We encourage you to meet up with us on the road at
one of our stops.  Please see the schedule and join us on the
‚Healthy School Milk or Bust” Tour!

,Sarah Alexander

One Comment on The Healthy School Milk or Bust Tour Hits the Road

  1. Karen Stark says:

    What was the results of the campaign? Does all Diary Agri Business Milk in schools have rBST in it?

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