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March 12th, 2007

So it wasn't the box of cookies?

Proving our theory once again that pesticides are bad, there is new evidence that suggests that certain chemicals may help make people fat. Exposure to several chemicals used in pesticides, marine paints, and food & beverage containers may play a role in obesity, according to recent studies. The chemicals in the spotlight are ‚endocrine disruptors” (meaning they can mimic hormones) and appear to promote obesity.

So now, it‚ not just what you eat, but what you eat it in and how it was grown that may play a role in your waistline. Disturbingly, being exposed to these chemicals appears to have permanent effects on body metabolism. One scientist notes of one of the chemicals in question, “Once these genetic changes happen in utero, they are irreversible and with the individual for life.” Well, that‚ chilling.

The American Chemistry Council, unsurprisingly, says that these chemicals actually dont have any effect on human health. To which Professor Frederick vom Saal of the University of Missouri calls, in refreshingly unscientific language, ‚a blatant lie.” If you thought the organic movement was booming now, just imagine what will happen if people find out that pesticides make you fat…

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