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April 22nd, 2014

Make Your Voice Heard on Earth Day!

By Katherine Cirullo

I’ve loved Earth Day ever since I was in pre-school and digging in the dirt for worms wasn’t a ticket to time-out, but rather a planned educational activity. In middle school, Earth Day meant we got to clean up trash at the town park – a proud moment for a budding activist. But, the dirt days are long over and, as I’ve learned that control over essential, common resources is slipping from the fingertips of the public to the clutches of large corporations, I’ve realized that protecting the planet is no small task.

Earth Day was established 40 years ago not simply as a calendar reminder of how beautiful and precious our planet is, but as a call to action. In order to protect our natural resources and ensure a truly sustainable, healthy and safe environment now and for future generations, our actions need to be unified, targeting elected officials who hold power to influence policy changes. If there’s one threat to the health of the planet that is particularly ominous, it’s rapidly escalating fossil fuel development. That’s why today, Food & Water Watch presents to you the People’s Platform Against Fracking – hop on.

The People’s Platform Against Fracking is a forum for collectively calling on Congress to act on behalf of the interests of the public, not the oil and gas industry. Big oil and gas companies are aggressively trying to push a plan past Congress that would increase fracking operations in the United States, only to export fracked gas overseas where they can fetch the highest prices. Fracking for oil and natural gas is an inherently unsafe, dirty and unsustainable method of energy extraction. It threatens our air, water, communities and the climate. At least 15 million Americans live within a mile of a well that has been drilled since 2000. Clearly, it’s high time to stop this destructive practice and transition to renewable and sustainable energy.

Massive oil and gas corporations are spending millions of dollars in campaign contributions to push anti-environment, pro-oil congressional candidates into office so that they can influence policy and fuel the oil and gas industry’s agenda. If we want to protect our communities, our health and our planet, we’ve got to push back.

Make this Earth Day something to feel proud of. Take action to protect the planet and re-gain representation by signing onto the People’s Platform to Ban Fracking. Together, we’re demanding that Congress:

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One Comment on Make Your Voice Heard on Earth Day!

  1. Kristin Kowalski says:

    We must also make it federally mandatory to allow data to be collected indicating the health hazards directly brought on by fracking.

    “But there will be no such study in Pennsylvania because legislators refuse even to fund a health registry to collect the data. The new Pennsylvania law known as Act 13 prohibits doctors from sharing with other doctors at professional conferences what they find out in treating people sickened by exposure to drilling chemicals. There can be no gathering of essential public health and veterinary health information because the power of the gas industry over state legislators prohibits it.”

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