President Obama's Legacy to Corporations?
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January 29th, 2014

President Obama’s Legacy to Corporations?

By Wenonah Hauter

Did you see President Obama’s State of the Union last night? While the President had an optimistic tone, again and again, I saw the same theme of giving more power to corporations at the expense of the people.

Last night, President Obama told us once again that he wants to fix income inequality in this country. He even announced a minimum wage increase for government contractors, which is one step in the right direction… but if he’s serious about better pay for ordinary Americans, he shouldn’t be pushing for trade deals that will bolster corporate profits and let corporations move jobs overseas, not to mention taking away communities’ rights to protect themselves from corporate abuses.

If he succeeds, these deals (including the Trans-Pacific Partnership) would lead to more imports of potentially unsafe foods and the export of fracked gas. It would put corporate profits ahead of people’s health and safety. Let President Obama know you’re disappointed that he’s supporting trade deals that put corporations above communities.

When it comes to fracking, President Obama’s State of the Union speech touted his “all of the above” energy plan as a success, even though his administration has repeatedly scuttled investigations into the damaging impacts of fracking, like water contamination. He also said he doesn’t want to leave our children with the impacts of climate change, but fracking hurts communities and it’s not a solution to our energy woes or the climate crisis.

 Even though President Obama said he wants to protect our pristine public lands, his administration is still considering opening them up to more oil and gas fracking. Send President Obama a clear message: it’s past time that he changed his mind on fracking.

President Obama mentioned the debate over the proper size of our government. We can’t let that debate compromise the safety of our food by cutting funding that the USDA needs to properly inspect our poultry. In the State of the Union, he spoke about his interest in streamlining the government, but he’s doing so at the expense of our health and safety when he lets the meat industry do their own safety inspections. That’s letting the fox guard the henhouse, and it’s no way to keep our food safe.

Please take a minute to let the President know that you want him to put the health and safety of American communities ahead of corporate profits. Let’s send a strong message to President Obama after his State of the Union speech.

6 Comments on President Obama’s Legacy to Corporations?

  1. Anne Caruso says:

    It’s so disheartening to hear you tout fracking as a safe way to meet our energy needs. Your own EPA refuses to complete 3 studies of fracking and its contamination of water in 3 states because corporate interests have pressured it to abandon the research that is clearly going to link fracking and the water contamination. The fracked oil and gas are heading overseas, anyway,so our prices will be higher. We will have put our water at risk, polluted our land and air all to supply China with the energy it needs to compete with our manufacturing companies. We are at a crossroads not a bridge. In fact we don’t need a bridge toa renewable future. We need a clear decision whether or not to take the country down the road of destruction. A truely renewable future is possible now – see the Post Carbon Institute’s work on this. Are you for the people or for the corporate interests at our expense?

  2. Dawn Bielawski says:

    Mr. President, while I agreed with many of the things you said last night and I hope you’re able to make most of the changes you’re suggesting, the support of fracking and the lack of GMO labeling (which may be even worse under the TPP) need to stop. To paraphrase what you said – Can we look our grandchildren in the eyes and tell them we did all we could? Thank you.

  3. K. Harbolt says:

    people before profit; corporations are not people

  4. Carol K. Stamets says:

    Mr. President: I am disappointed in your speech last night — you gave lip service to climate change, but failed to mention that we must end our use of fossil fuels. Fracking must STOP — it destroys our precious water, not to mention causing earthquakes. Without a healthy environment, we will have nothing but disease and catastrophe to pass on to future generations

  5. Jean Gahan says:

    Mr President, I hope you realize the impact on our environment with the support of fracking and non labeling of GMO products.What this impact will leave our children no one really knows. It is your responsibility to take NO chances and do the right thing for mother earth and its people. Thank you hope you hear one voice

  6. Bennette Dibben says:

    When will Politicians and Corporations understand that our Environment is not for sale. That if we continue to destroy the Environment the Human race is doomed. No amount of Political, Social or Financial power will undo the damage. STOP your support of Fracking and Fast Tracking the TPP or the TTIP. Remember your Oath of Office: I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

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