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June 10th, 2011

Pirates Tickets Available for Fracking Advocates

Photo provided by UCinternational.

Anyone want Pittsburgh Pirates tickets for this coming Monday? If you do, there’s a great deal you should know about: Representatives of the natural gas industry are offering Pirates tickets and hotel accommodations to pro-fracking landowners to attend a public Department of Energy hearing on fracking in Washington, Pennsylvania on Monday.

Hearings like this one are typically limited when it comes to space, so the natural gas lobby — in this case, a public relations effort called Energy In Depth — is doing its best to ensure those spaces are occupied by pro-industry members of the public.

Does the natural gas lobby know how bad the Pittsburgh Pirates have been for the past several years? Hopefully, any takers to their deal will have realistic expectations regarding the potential for a Pirates victory. It’s funny how their offers always seem like a good deal at first.

All joking aside, be sure to check back with us on Monday, June 13, when we officially release our newest report: The Case for a Ban on Gas Fracking. We will also have a series of guest bloggers, including Gasland Director Josh Fox.

The guest blog series for next week includes…

* Food & Water Watch Director of Organizing Mark Schlosberg will write about why we are calling for a ban from the perspective of an activist/organizer.

* Ecologist, author and cancer survivor Sandra Steingraber will write about the health effects of fracking.

* A blog written by a victim of fracking.

* Gasland director Josh Fox will write about manufactured demand for natural gas.

One Comment on Pirates Tickets Available for Fracking Advocates

  1. Linda Powell says:

    thr real “Pirates “in this story are not those tossing the ball around on the field…but the Gas Indurty and their lobbyist who are trying to steal/destroy our water and environment!!!

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