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October 24th, 2011

Photo of the Day: Zombie Activism

When people aren’t enough to combat fracking, enlist the power of zombies!

We hate fracking, but we LOVE zombies, especially anti-fracking activist zombies. The residents of Dimock, Pennsylvania have been experiencing incidents of terror ever since Cabot Oil and Gas began drilling for natural gas there. The horrors they have witnessed include an exploding gas well, contaminated drinking water and broken promises regarding responsible practices. Artist Kelly Finan designed this poster for an upcoming event hosted by Don’t Expect Protection (DEP), an activist group formed when the Pennsylvania DEP approved Cabot Oil and Gas’s request to stop supplying clean drinking water to Dimock’s residents. Cabot’s shale drilling caused high levels of methane contamination in the drinking water and the DEP had originally held them responsible to provide clean water to those affected.

2 Comments on Photo of the Day: Zombie Activism

  1. Christopher says:

    Great! I hope the zombies help!!!

  2. violet de vitt says:

    sorry to hear about the awful stuff that’ happened. get a lawyer!

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