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August 16th, 2010

Fair Food or Bust!

We’ve finally reached the end of the road, and it’s been a blast! But before we sign off, there are a few more updates to give—starting with the Iowa State Fair last Thursday. With a herd of cow-suited groupies in tow I bought a $10 ticket for “Non-Stop Fun” (the appropriately-chosen theme of the Iowa State Fair this year). Although The Iowa State Fair is not the largest in the U.S. (that honor goes to Texas or Minnesota depending on whether you are talking about over all attendance or daily attendance, respectively) it is the largest state fair I have ever been to. It was also the hottest day of my life. We received a lot of support when we stopped by the milking barn where the dairy cows reside. The people there were very supportive and listened intently about the Department of Justice hearings. These hearings could really improve the way dairy farmers are able to do business. It’s so important to demonstrate public support for fair markets for farmers, so thanks to everyone who has signed our petition along the way. Read the full article…

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A Cheese Sandwich to Save the Heartland, But Not the Heart

This week, we learned of the latest chain restaurant contrivance to challenge waistband technology: Denny’s has created a mammoth morsel of a cholesterol-rocketing, fat-flapping mistake of a meal. Ladies and gentlemen, Denny’s Fried Cheese Melt Sandwich is not the answer, regardless of the question. Read the full article…

August 13th, 2010

The Not-So-Green Ocean Vacuum Machines

A series of innovations in the realm of ocean fish farming are being promoted as “eco-friendly,” but existing technology can’t prevent pollution, escapes of farmed fish into the wild and other serious health and safety concerns associated with factory fish farms.

One new item is a fish farming cage called the AquaGrid, introduced by a Malaysian tilapia company who claims their net pen can reduce escapes of confined fish and limit predation of these fish by nearby marine wildlife. Their design features an innovative “new LiftUP® Mortality Retrieval System”—a euphemistic title that tries to hide that what they’ve really invented is a dead fish vacuum under the pen. Read the full article…

August 12th, 2010

Corn Contemplation in Iowa

Food & Water Watch asking for directions to the milking demonstration in Wisconsin.

Our day started off with an early interview at WORT radio in Madison. WORT is a community-sponsored radio station—the perfect venue to share our story with those listening in Madison about what we’ve been seeing and doing along our trip. Even more importantly, it was an opportunity to educate listeners in the area about the Department of Justice and USDA hearings that are happening this summer, for which we’ve been collecting petition signatures. If you haven’t yet, be sure to sign our petition! Read the full article…

A Pesticide Reaches the Food Chain

Last week, I came across a disturbing study about triclosan, the pesticide used in antibacterial hand soaps. I’ve been working to ban triclosan for almost two years now, so I am very familiar with the negative human and environmental health impacts of this chemical. I am pretty used to the growing body of disturbing research about it. But this one hit home—actually it landed right on my own dinner plate. Read the full article…

August 11th, 2010

Cheesin' it Up in Madison and Milking Wisconsin for Everything It's Worth

A group of Wisconsin dairy cows say, "cheese" for the Rocky Road Trip crew.

Fortunately, since the Rocky Road Trip crew woke up rather early on the morning we traveled to Wisconsin, our first stop in Madison—City of Four Lakes—was at Just Coffee, the city’s first and only 100% fair trade coffee roaster. There, we picked up John Peck from Family Farm Defenders and moved along to Madison Sourdough where Just Coffee’s perfectly roasted fair trade beans were ground and brewed to make an iced red eye that jump-started one of the most exciting days of our trip so far. (Fun fact: The University of Wisconsin Badgers get their name from the lead workers who dug shelters into their mine shafts for sleeping and to protect themselves from the elements.) Read the full article…

August 9th, 2010

Chicago: Rising Above the Twinkie

My first trip to Chicago! People are pretty food smart around here. (Fun fact: the largest public library in the world is Chicago’s Harold Washington Library Center. It contains over 2 million books.) Saturday was a day packed with locally grown food and community activities in the Chicago area. We started up north at the Downtown Evanston Farmers’ Market, where we set up bright and early for a series of cooking demonstrations that were scheduled throughout the morning. They definitely had one of the largest selections of the freshest and ripest produce I have ever seen at a farmer’s market. One farmer had 36 different varieties of European potatoes!

The cow has landed! The Chef Rocky Road Tour hits Chicago for a weekend of food activism.

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Cloned Meat Reaches British Consumers on the Sly

It looks like meat and milk from the offspring of cloned cows have beaten both Frankenswine and Arnold Schwartzensalmon to market—at least in the UK—to the surprise of UK consumers and authorities alike. Read the full article…

August 7th, 2010

Chicken 'n Waffles: Good Food Policy

Who's that guy with the carrot in his mouth?

We had an early start on Friday morning.  Thankfully, local food activists Jeff McCabe and Lisa Gottlieb invited us to stay at their home in Ann Arbor the night before their regular Friday morning community breakfast. FridayMorningsAtSELMA is a local food breakfast salon, where neighbors and activists gather and eat delicious local food and initiate action on community food issues. It was an incredible event to be a part of. Over 60 people came through to share food and ideas. I was up and cooking at 6am, when the crowd started pouring in. With the help of the SELMA volunteers, I helped to prepare whole grain waffles with herb-roasted chicken and grilled apricots for the breakfast guests. Read the full article…

August 6th, 2010

Surreptitious Seafood Certification?

Consumers are paying more attention to their seafood choices—particularly where it’s from and how it’s sourced. More people are choosing products with labels that show an item’s country-of-origin or how it was caught, demonstrating demand for more transparency in the food industry. But without solid standards defining what various terms like organic or sustainable means, labels certifying seafood products can often be confusing or misleading. Read the full article…