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July 16th, 2009

On the Moove…Holy Cow, We're Halfway There

Each morning we awake and move to our feet slowly, but after a good cup of coffee and a hearty breakfast, we are on the move again. This morning began like any other, but proved to be one of the more event-filled days on our voyage.

We were treated to a breakfast purchased from the famous Zingerman‚ Deli, said goodbye to our lovely host, Sarah, and headed back into downtown Ann Arbor.  This time we hit the Farmer‚ Market (all of us cow-clad) for a Call-In Day to Senator Stabenow‚ offices. Well luck was smiling, and we got 53 calls in to Stabenow in just two hours!

School Milk Tour Chicago Millenium BeanFeeling great, we jumped in the van and headed to Lansing for our meeting with Stabenow‚ staff, who wed already been keeping busy with calls. Two TV networks sent camera crews, and both Alex and Meredith were interviewed on camera about the campaign. Naturally, the cow got some airtime too. The meeting itself went really well. The staff graciously thanked us for the information we provided for the Senator, who has championed many children‚ health issues in the past. We hope that she will build upon her past experiences by leading the movement to get rBGH
out of schools too.

After all that excitement, the long drive to Chicago chilled us out. It was so nice to arrive at the gorgeous lakefront and see Bethany and Sarah‚ familiar faces. We all enjoyed a late dinner where we caught them up, told stories, and shared some hard-learned tips (like always plan for parking time!).

We have been on the road for nearly a week now. This is hard to believe. It feels like only yesterday we were throwing our bags into the back of the van, wondering how we could pack our things most efficiently (young and so na√Øve we were – did we really believe that the car would maintain its order along the way?). That morning, as we wound our way through the streets of DC, we took the first of many wrong turns (missing our turn proved to be a theme of this leg of the trip).  However, despite our inability to keep the car organized and our tendency to lose our way, we feel that we have accomplished a great deal. Furthermore, we have met incredible people, learned a lot, and enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Now it‚ time for us to go home, and we turn our responsibilities over to Bethany, Sarah, Joe, and Erin. We wish them the best of luck on their continuation of the ‚Healthy School Milk or Bust” tour, and hope you will continue to follow them as they make their way through Illinois, Iowa, and Minnesota. Thank you for your support folks- keep reading as they moove along!

– Becca, Meredith, & Alex

3 Comments on On the Moove…Holy Cow, We're Halfway There

  1. Russen says:

    congrats on the successes you’ve seen on the road, and I wish you the best on your continued journey!

  2. Jules says:

    Great job you guys! Thanks for taking the time and effort to make the trip. Sounds like a great adventure:-)
    Bellevue, WA

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