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July 17th, 2009

On the Moove…Healthy Milk Tour Takes Chicago!

The Healthy School Milk or Bust Tour took over the city of Chicago yesterday! We’ve been on tour since last Friday, gathering support for better school milk and filling senator’s voicemail boxes. We’re at the halfway point in our trip, if you’ve missed any updates so far, check out our webpage to see photos, the map of our journey and read our blogs.

Alex, Becca and Meredith started the tour in DC, and have visited Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan. Yesterday Sarah, Bethany and Joe met up with the Tour in Chicago to collect over 300 petition signatures from Chicago area residents! This is the largest number of petitions we’ve collected on any day so far, doubling our total number of postcards gathered on the tour.

At this point we’ve delivered our national petition to Senators Casey, Brown and Stabenow, collected over 600 postcards, gotten in over 125 calls and have received some great media coverage of the tour.

We’re currently on the road today headed to Iowa City to meet with activists and get in calls to Senator Harkin’s office. Why are we doing this road trip you ask? Well, we’re working to make sure kids get the healthiest milk possible as part of the National School Lunch Program. We’re asking senators to take a stand for kids by passing legislation that would clarify schools can purchase organic milk or milk that has been produced without artificial hormones.

Over a thousand people are following our road trip by getting daily updates. If you’d like to join them, and hear about our work for the last half of the trip, sign up!

Otherwise, check out all the great work we’ve been doing on our tour page.

We’ll be in touch soon!

– Sarah, Bethany, Joe and the School Milk Campaign Crew

One Comment on On the Moove…Healthy Milk Tour Takes Chicago!

  1. Dorian Caruso says:

    You all know I truly believe you’re the greatest team in the world. I’m so proud you’re on OUR side! What I wonder is why don’t all those senators know all about what we consumers have to deal with in our food , water and milk? And now our kids??? That means our future! I thought we elected INTELLIGENT people to be our lawmakers! If this has been going on for years & nobody has yet defended our kids, except you guys, something’s gotta change — and quick!!!This tour is really showing up the kinks in the works! Good that they must deal with you guys – real sweethearts all – instead of ‘no nonsense’ ME!

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