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July 11th, 2011

New York Governor Cuomo Should Count Each Reason for Banning Fracking

Governor Andrew Cuomo needs to make a decision. Will he listen to the voices of industry that want to take advantage of New York’s natural resources? Or will he listen to the voices of New York residents, including the farmers, scientists, environmentalists, economists and representatives of the business sector who are against fracking for natural gas? Like any politician, Cuomo needs a reason to take action. Tell him that YOU are one of the reasons. Watch our video and share our national campaign with the New Yorkers in your life.

Even though the recent New York State Department of Environmental Conservation report on natural gas acknowledges the dangers associated with fracking, Governor Cuomo might yield to industry pressure and lift the moratorium. We can’t allow Cuomo to divide New York in half by allowing the rural portions of the state — home to farming and other critical industries — to be susceptible to the risks of water contamination from fracking, especially with the recent discovery of gas industry insider skepticism over shale gas fracking.
We need to air our video across New York State to inform people about risks of allowing fracking to continue there. Please help us spread the word and convince Cuomo to put the safety of our drinking water before the profits of oil & gas companies – support a ban on fracking in New York.

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