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October 11th, 2013

March Against Monsanto

March Against Monsanto in NYC

By Anna Ghosh

Last May, more than two million people in over 400 cities spanning six continents marched in opposition to the chemical and agribusiness giant Monsanto – read our recap of the event here. Tomorrow, Oct. 12, activists will once again March Against Monsanto, calling for the boycott of genetically engineered (GE) foods and other harmful agro-chemicals.

Food & Water Watch organizers are proud to support activists’ efforts in Manhattan; Hartford, CT; Princeton, NJ; Des Moines, IA; and Albuquerque, NM.  In Florida, we’re supporting marches in St. Petersburg, Tampa, Tallahassee, West Palm Beach and across the state – 19 in all.

In Ohio, we are supporting the Cincinnati march and working with our allies on a call-in day to ask Senator Sherrod Brown to co-sponsor federal GE labeling legislation. 

And a related global movement is also underway – Vandana Shiva’s Fortnight of Action for Seed Freedom. Dr. Shiva calls on people around the world to stand up against unjust seed laws through creative, peaceful actions in the spirit of Gandhi. Find out how to get involved here.

Can’t get to a march? March where you are. But whether or not you’re planning to March Against Monsanto this weekend, arm yourself with the facts. Food & Water Watch reports, fact sheets, blogs, press releases and sharable images can all be found here:, and more information on GE foods here:

3 Comments on March Against Monsanto

  1. Allan says:

    Do marches change politicians? If not, change politicians. The thing politicians fear most is losing their job. Often a few hundred votes will cost a stubborn pollie his or her job.

    Don’t underestimate the power of the vote.

  2. Jackie Kelly says:

    I think these marches against Monsanto are so important and I am greatful to all who participate.

  3. vinay says:

    “On a lighter note, check out this HILARIOUS Anti-GMO MockuMusic Video called “Don’t Eat It”

    Your going to love it :-)

    Enjoy and Share!”

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