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May 30th, 2012

Join the Movement to Ban Fracking Today

Donations to Food & Water Watch Are DoubledBy Mark Schlosberg

We have a wonderful opportunity to grow the movement to ban fracking and here’s why we need your help today: for every dollar donated before June 10, a generous donor will match your donation so we can continue our work to fight fracking.

Food & Water Watch was the first national organization to fight for a ban on fracking, and we’ve worked with communities in Colorado, Ohio, New York, Alabama, California and beyond to stop this dangerous practice that threatens human health, our communities, and our environment. Vermont recently became the first state to introduce, pass and enact into law a bill to ban fracking. It’s also exciting to note that over 200 communities now have passed measures against fracking.

But there is much more to do.

The oil and gas industry plans to make huge profits from this dangerous practice that pollutes hundreds of millions of gallons of our precious water with toxic chemicals. Every part of the fracking process from start to finish is full of potential threats for your health and your community, but giant energy corporations are racing to frack as many wells as they can nonetheless.

We’re contacted every day by people fighting to protect their families and communities from the threats of fracking. The oil and gas industry has its money and political cronies on its side pushing for expanded fracking. We have the people and the growing movement.

Food & Water Watch is in a unique position because we don’t accept money from corporations or the government. That means we remain independent. We rely on the public to support our work to protect our food and water. We work to ban fracking, and you can too—join us today.

4 Comments on Join the Movement to Ban Fracking Today

  1. Mavis LaBounty says:

    I want this to stop anywhere!

  2. Karen Fedorov says:

    I have signed many petitions. I don’t know if I signed this one, but I’ll do it here, just in case. I sent my donation in the mail already. Good luck in this efforts…you’re doing God’s work!!

  3. hutch carey says:

    There is a well that has a leaking valve near my home, and the workers even said it can’t be fixed. NO MORE!

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