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July 19th, 2009

In the Heart of Factory Farmland

school milk tour des moines cowsSuccessful Morning in Des Moines!
This morning the rBGH-free cows headed to the farmer’s market
in downtown Des Moines, Iowa. Despite
being in the heart of industrial farm country, we were able to get a glimpse of
an alternative to the factory farm model that dominates the state and the
region. The Des Moines farmer‚
market offered a beautiful array of locally produced foods , showing everyone
that the status-quo can, and will be, changed!

The Food & Water Watch team received a tremendous
welcoming to Des Moines!  In less
than an hour and half, we collected nearly 200 signed postcards to be delivered
to Senator Harkin. People in Des
Moines are serious about their milk , and they dont want any artificial
hormones corrupting it!

After a successful morning at the farmer‚ market, we
stopped by the state convention of Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement. There we were able to see our food program director, Patty, who was
invited to give a presentation on factory farming to Iowa CCI members. During our stop at the convention, we
were able to listen to several Iowa CCI members and organizers talk about the
organization‚ campaigns and victories. The speakers at the convention were truly inspirational, and Iowa CCI
has been doing amazing work in Iowa for over 30 years!

This afternoon we are headed to Minneapolis for the last leg of our journey.
As I am writing this, we are driving past hog factory farms on Interstate 35.
The sight of these operations is astounding, the smell is enough to make
our eyes water. With the help of
our activists, hopefully one day factory farms like these will be history.

, Sarah Alexander, on the Healthy School Milk or Bust Tour

2 Comments on In the Heart of Factory Farmland

  1. Kevin Koyle says:

    go Joe!

  2. Marybeth Gardham says:

    I didn’t know you were in Des Moines last week. Will you be back any time soon? WILPF Des Moines ( would like to connect with you soon. We want to do a film festival in the fall and would love to have you guys be part of the event, if you are around.

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