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October 14th, 2011

GE Salmon Clears Another Hurdle

FDA closer to GE Salmon approval

The FDA took another step toward approving the first genetically engineered animal for your dinner plate. Are you okay with this decision? If not, click on this image.

By Rich Bindell

There’s some very unfortunate news on the GE salmon front today. According to Jim Kozubek of TPM’s Idea Lab, the FDA has now completed its environmental assessment of AquaBounty’s AquAdvantage GE salmon, has recommended approving it for commercial use, and has sent along some of its documents to the White House for review.

This means that GE salmon has passed another hurdle in the approval process, which makes it more urgent than ever that we all take action..The FDA had a choice of either conducting an environmental assessment of GE salmon—an easier, simplified route—or producing an environmental impact statement, which is a much more thorough process that would consider all potential risks more thoughtfully.

We recently learned that the USDA gave AquaBounty Technologies, Inc., $494,000 to do some more research about sterilization techniques for genetically engineered fish, which was rather surprising considering that AquaBounty initially claimed their GE salmon were sterile and that there would be no chance of GE salmon endangering wild salmon through breeding. This seems like yet another example of how the FDA has been trying to rush this process without carefully considering GE salmon’s true potential impact.

We need to make a strong appeal directly to Congress to ban GE salmon due to the environmental and public health risks this food experiment poses. There are still far too many concerns that have not been addressed.

Ask your member of Congress to call upon the Obama Administration to ban GE salmon.

3 Comments on GE Salmon Clears Another Hurdle

  1. robert glasner says:

    It is unconscionable to put GE food of any sort into the food supply without adequate testing over many years. I suggest that MOnsanto and the GE salmon company test their GE products on their employees for 20 years and see if their are any harmful side effects. NO FRANKENFISH OR GE CORN WITHOUT ADEQUATE TESTING. THE FDA IS JUST A SHILL FOR THE PHARMACEUTICAL AND CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES, BANKROLLED AND BRIBED. THESE COMPANIES HAVE ONLY PROFIT AND NOT PEOPLE’S HEALTH AS A PRIORITY.

  2. Ella Baker says:

    Not only is there no mandatory labeling of products sold in the U.S. that contain GMO ingredients, but the FDA and USDA now want to prohibit the labeling of products that do not contain GMO ingredients. In other words, the FDA and USDA are trying to outlaw truth in labeling and are openly working to deceive the American public.

  3. J Treat says:

    GMO foods has been rigorously tested for over 25 yrs with no science based harm found to any person or livestock animal. I and other US farmers know GMO’s are safe, environmentally sustaining and benefit farmers and consumers economically. The world looses 5 million people to starvation each year and GMO crops and animals can help stem the increases in world hunger. Let use use our brains and science to feed the world and live without unfounded fear of our GMO foods.

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