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March 9th, 2011

Food Safety Can’t Improve With Less Funding

How can the FDA and the USDA improve food safety standards to meet the needs of increased food production with less funding?

Ever since we caught a glimpse of the Obama administration’s proposed budget for 2012, we’ve had some strong opinions. Some of the proposed cuts could directly threaten the health and safety of American consumers, particularly relating to our food and water.

As we pointed out, the proposed budget would take away $9 million from the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service at a time when more inspectors are needed. With large increases in food production expected in 2012, it would be an impossible task for the already taxed FSIS to handle that kind of volume and expanded distribution.

On the FDA side, things aren’t looking much better. They will be expected to roll out the new Food Safety Modernization Act with approximately half the annual allocation they would need to do so. Consumers have expressed that they value food safety and are willing to pay for safe food production, but the proposed budget cuts seem to ignore that idea.

Mother Jones quoted Food & Water Watch Lobbyist Tony Corbo in their article, “These GOP Budget Cuts Might Make You Puke (or Worse),” which is worth reading. It’s plain to see that those who are driving these budget cuts do not realize that we are asking our government agencies to accomplish much more with substantially less support. We need to tell Congress to stop threatening our health and safety with dangerous budget cuts.

-Rich Bindell

One Comment on Food Safety Can’t Improve With Less Funding

  1. Harry Diamond says:

    Let the Congressmen test the food and water before the public does. Kings and Emperors had it done for thousands of years. Let the law makers be our testers if they wish to cut funding for food safety.
    Instead cut their salaries and have them conform to the laws they supported on healthcare and insurance among others

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