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February 24th, 2012

Everyone’s Got a New Cereal. Check Out Ours!

If Cereal Using GE Corn Had an Honest Label...

Frankencorn Says: "GE Food Good!"

By Darcey Rakestraw

This week Kellogg’s unveiled a new cereal named “Totes Amazeballs,” as recently suggested by a musician in a tweet to the company. Apparently, it’s just the latest in a trend of celebrity-inspired cereals in the UK.

This got us here at Food & Water Watch thinking about the fact that most people don’t realize their favorite breakfast cereals may contain potentially risky genetically engineered ingredients. So we jumped on the bandwagon and created our own cereal as well.

Genetically engineered (GE) corn and soy have been around for years in processed foods from cereals to cookies, candy bars, snack chips and beyond. And genetically engineered sugar beets now provide GE sugar used in some processed foods like cereal. Last year, the Cornucopia Institute tested several breakfast cereals—marketed as “natural,” no less—and found they contained high levels of GE ingredients. (Here’s a tip: one way to avoid GE cereals is to stick to those labeled certified organic —genetically engineered ingredients are not allowed under the certified organic label.)

So, we were inspired by this fun idea from UK musician Tim Burgess to create our own cereal box design to raise awareness about the fact genetically modified foods are lurking, unlabeled and untested, in everyday processed foods in the U.S.—maybe even the one you start your mornings with. We call ours Totes A-Maize-Bombs, since unlabeled GE foods have “bombed” as an idea with the public, who overwhelmingly believe they should be labeled (not to mention the potential risks to human health and the environment since they haven’t been adequately tested or regulated.)

Are you one of those people concerned about unlabeled GE foods? If so, take action now to tell Walmart not to accept Monsanto’s GE sweet corn—and we’ll keep you posted on efforts to make sure these frankenfoods get labeled in the future.

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