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June 19th, 2013

Colorado: Fracking, Fracking Everywhere, But Not a Drop to Drink?

By Katherine Cirullo

It’s officially wildfire season in Colorado; last Tuesday, a fire ignited the Black Forest area of Colorado Springs. It burned 22 square miles, destroyed 422 homes and is still raging a week later. In just half the time, it has surpassed last year’s Waldo Canyon wildfire as the worst in Colorado history. While wildfires in Colorado and throughout the west are nothing new, the magnitude of this year’s Black Forest fire serves as a haunting reminder of the worsening crisis climate change poses. Throughout all this, we can’t help but draw attention to the oil and gas industry’s use of fracking and its impact on climate change, drought and natural disaster. Residents are watching their backyards burn while the oil and gas industry is using up Colorado’s most precious resource — water.

The fire affects not just Colorado residents, who face water restrictions that accompany drought; emergency relief teams also feel the squeeze. Colorado Springs fire chief Mike Myers spoke last week of the difficulties fighting the flames: “Once the fire’s up in the trees and you’ve got a 200 foot wall of flames coming at you, there’s not much you can do with a thousand gallons of water.”

In the same state that has limited water to fight off these fires, fracking uses millions of gallons of water to frack a single well. Furthermore, the oil and gas industry neglects water restrictions and often outcompetes farmers and municipalities for the resource.

Fracking also poses a threat to climate change as it emits harmful greenhouse gases. As climate change worsens, wildfires will continue to plague Colorado’s drought-parched forests and spread into residential neighborhoods.

We must stand up for the people of Colorado. We can no longer allow fracking, which abuses water regulations in drought ridden areas, leaks harmful pollutants back into the water supply and contributes to the depletion of the ozone layer, to exacerbate Colorado’s drought. Help stop the devastation now: Sign this petition to stop the oil and gas industry from fracking your state.


Katherine Cirullo is an intern for Food & Water Watch’s communications team.

One Comment on Colorado: Fracking, Fracking Everywhere, But Not a Drop to Drink?

  1. Sherri Webber says:

    I think the only way we are going to save the ordinary citizens,who,like I used to be,when I was so busy raising children and working many hours 6Days a week,I did not have time to notice many things,so now I get it,that those who DO have some spare time,MUST try to make ALL of Americas’people,really KNOW what is going on! And,a good place to start,which I too,have been active in for awhile,is by making SURE that people have information,CORRECT INFORMATION,ABOUT OIL AND GAS FRACKING,AND WHERE OUR NATIONS’ WATER SUPPLY IS HEADED,if we do not get this Fracking toned down,and ANY MORE STOPPED,BEFORE THEY GET IT STARTED! Regular folks need to be fully informed,as to the facts,such as the using(and FOREVER LOSING),of Millions of gallons of water,for EVERY WELL THEY DRILL! While,meantime,as you say,the Nation has LESS DRINKING WATER AND LESS FIRE FIGHTING WATER,A MOST DANGEROUS ROAD TO KEEP GOING DOWN! The Oil and Gas people,and their backers,DO NOT CARE ABOUT THIS,OR OIL SPILLS,AT ALL. MONEY is the ONLY NAME OF THAT GAME. The rich corporations,and the rich legislators evidently live in this”Magical”World,where they try to believe that THEIR families will NEVER need or drink the SAME WATER THE REST OF US DO! So,it IS up to us,the general population,to put a stop to this nonsense,BEFORE we have no Water,not “After”we have none,so let’s GET BUSY and Inform as many citizens as we possibly can,and also make sure that the terrible XLPipeline is NEVER approved on OUR Shores!Canada will have to put that Horrible stuff across THEIR country,if they want it so bad! I see One fear ALREADY came true YESTERDAY,JUST TEN MILES FROM OUR U.S.BORDER,IN MAINE.The terrible derailment and explosions,wiping out a town,IN CANADA,that could just as Easily been inside the U.S. Folks up that way have worried about THAT,and were told,JUST AS WITH the Fracking”Oh,no problem,no worry”Yep,it didn’t blow up until it did,just as we wont run out of water until we do,Real TOO LATE to help it.

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