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May 18th, 2006

Care for an iceberg in your water?

Thames Water, repeatedly named Britain‚ worst polluter, has landed on a genius idea: To alleviate severe water shortages, England‚ biggest water supplier is toying with the idea of lugging massive icebergs from the Arctic to London. As if global warming wasnt doing enough damage to our icebergs and glaciers!

‚We have to look at any possible alternative, including towing icebergs from the Arctic and seeding rain clouds,”
Richard Aylard, of Thames Water, said, according to The Times newspaper.

The Times reported that ‚Thames Water has not established whether icebergs from Greenland or northern Scandinavia would be the more appropriate.”

How about neither? Thames has a history of losing massive amounts of water from its system due to delays in fixing the aging pipes.

BBC News reported in 2005 that Thames sheds 915 million liters of water every day, ‚enough to fill 366 Olympic-sized swimming pools.”

Maybe Thames Water should fix a few leaks before the corporation starts melting icebergs.

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