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Blog Posts: March 2010

March 30th, 2010

New York Times Opens Up to Seafood Sustainability

It was exciting to see a recent article in the New York Times that featured sustainable seafood – in this case, wild Gulf-caught shrimpShrimp is the most popular seafood item in the U.S., but many are unaware of the ecological effects and consumer health implications of imported farm-raised shrimp. Read the full article…

March 25th, 2010

The Price of Ocean Privatization: Core Science Funding Slashed

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA’s) budget request for fiscal year 2011 includes $54 million to fast track the biggest and most outrageous giveaway of access to public fish in U.S. history. Read the full article…

March 22nd, 2010

We Prefer Ad Spin When It’s Left to Don Draper

World Water Day is an excellent opportunity to consider the ways in which our choices as consumers affect world water resources. As many of you already know, bottled water contributes to the world’s pollution and waste problems. It is also a prime example of corporate spin run amok. While the oh-so-clever industry execs have convinced many people that bottled water is better than water from the tap, in most cases this is simply not true. It actually reminds us of another industry infamous for using misinformation to peddle its products… Read the full article…

March 19th, 2010

How are you celebrating World Water Day?

Hey there! This is Kelly Barrett, communications intern here at Food & Water Watch, with an important announcement. If you haven’t yet heard of World Water Day, listen up…

March 22nd is World Water Day!

Like the rest of us at Food & Water Watch, I’m pumped about World Water Day and want you to be too. What better time to take back our tap? We are so excited, we want to hear all about what you are doing to celebrate World Water Day. There are lots of ways to get involved, so get moving and then tell us about it via Twitter, on Facebook, or in a comment on this post. Here are some ideas for getting in on the action:

  1. Pledge to Take Back the Tap!
  2. Ask Congress to Take Back the Tap.
  3. Join our virtual march to Take Back the Tap on Facebook (with lots of ways to take action).
  4. Help to host a movie screening of one of these great documentary films that focus on the world’s water crisis.
  5. Sign up to receive our action alerts and if you’re one of the first 25 to do so, win that nifty “Take Back the Tap” stainless steel water canteen.
  6. Then…after you take action, tweet us about it, write on our Facebook wall or on the event page, or leave a comment here to tell us what you’re doing.

Read the full article…

March 18th, 2010

We’re ASKING Matt Damon!

While many celebrities hire public relations firms to select image-boosting causes for them, Matt Damon has truly dedicated his efforts to providing clean water in developing countries. His most recent venture was to co-found with the mission of creating accessible, safe water supplies in developing countries. In honor of World Water Day, I’ve written an open letter to the actor, activist and 2007 Sexiest Man Alive, with the hope of bringing his attention to the political roots of clean water provision. Read the full article…

Prominent biologist challenges MSC’s conservation claims

At the annual Seafood Summit held this year in Paris, prominent fisheries biologist Daniel Pauly gave the keynote speech. This year’s conference was themed “Challenging Assumptions in a Changing World” and Pauly did just that – he challenged the assumption that the Marine Stewardship Council label stands for a symbol of sustainable fisheries management. This is something that we at Food & Water Watch have been saying all along! Read the full article…

Saladillo: Feedlot’s Capital

Since 2008, ECOS, an environmental group from Saladillo, Argentina, has been investigating reports of sanitary violations by cattle ranches in and around Saladillo, which boasts the highest concentration of feedlots in the country.

According to Gabriel Arrisnabarreta of ECOS, feedlots subject animals to stressful situations because they are trapped in crowded small spaces that impair their ability to move. Animals are forced to stand in manure and dirt all day, thus increasing the spread of E.coli diseases among animals, which leads to high mortality rates. As a result, animals are injected with antibiotics and hormones that end up in the meat. Even worse, a number of feedlots do not have proper disposal systems installed, which consequently leads to animal residual in the already-polluted Salado River.

Read the full article…

March 17th, 2010

Would You Product Test Your Own Chips and Dips?

One month ago, most of us had never heard of hydrolyzed vegetable protein, or HVP. HVP is a food additive that rarely shows up on labels in those words. It’s more often listed as seasonings or natural flavorings. It fulfills many of the same functions as MSG without forcing companies to put the dreaded word on their labels.

But in the last month, we’ve had cause to learn what HVP is. From potato chips to seasoning mixes to dips, it seems much of our food is suddenly subject to a recall because of possible salmonella contamination of HVP produced by a Las Vegas company, Basic Food Flavors. The full list of recalled foods is over 150 items, but reports indicate that it could reach over 1,000 items before this is over.

Read the full article…

March 5th, 2010

Art Isn't Fair

As we head into Oscar weekend, whether you’re planning a dinner party for your film-going friends or trying to squeeze in some last-minute viewings of films that are up for Best Picture, remember one thing: art isn’t fair.

If you fell in love with the subtle violence of Inglorious Basterds, but Avatar wins and it breaks your heart, remember that art isn’t fair.  If you’re a huge fan of Gabourey Sidibe but, for some reason, unbeknownst to anyone with good taste, Sandra Bullock takes the Best Leading Actress statue home with her, remember: art isn’t fair.  Most importantly, if you’re the corn industry and you’re mad about Food Inc., being nominated for Best Documentary, art might not be fair, but at least it’s honest. Read the full article…

Private Investment Funds Set Their Sights on U.S. Water Systems

JP Morgan Asset Management and Water Asset Management inked a $275 million deal on Wednesday to take over SouthWest Water Company, one of the ten largest water companies in the United States. It strategically positions JP Morgan for additional takeovers of water systems, possibly even municipal ones. Read the full article…

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